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- Bethlehem, NH -


PIT GATE OPENS AT 1:00 PM  -  PIT FEES: L - $35   NL - $40



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463 Daniel Webster Hwy
North Woodstock, NH 03262
June 24th, 2017 RESULTS
Marshall, Heitz, Jackson, Smithers,
Potter and Thompson
Claim Victory at White Mountain
Another big weekend has come and gone here at White Mountain Motorsports Park, the weather was beautiful and there was a good crowd on hand to watch a couple of first time winners take a victory.
6 PM came and we started our heat races for all 5 divisions. All divisions qualified without any real problems, and then we rolled right into feature events.

The first feature on the night was the Dads 4 BY Tools and Supply kids truck divisions. 13 kids were here to race. We started with the rookie division and we went caution free thru their 10 lap feature. The 55x of Laci Potter started dead last on the field. She drove a great race and ended up coming home with the victory! 2nd went to the 55 of Keagan Lamson and 3rd went to the 77 of Owen Boucher.

The second group, the advanced truck division, came out and put on a heck of a race with the 88 of Nathaniel Parkins leading half of the race, challenged by the 51 of Tyler Thompson. They ran side by side, lap after lap, and when the race was over the 51 of Tyler thompson came out the winner. The 88 of Nathaniel Parkins came home 2nd and 3rd went to Cassidy Wentwoth who also had lead a couple of laps.

3rd feature of the night was the Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars. With a couple of cars taking the weekend off, a smaller field of these fast little cars came to race. The 00 of Cody Wyman lead a good part of the event followed by Tommy Smithers running a close 2nd. As the laps wound down, Tommy Smithers and Bobby Brown got by Wyman. At the checkers Smithers took 1st, Brown 2nd and Wyman 3rd. But Wyman did not pass tech, so that gave 3rd to Norm Forest.

Next up was the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis. Dylan Laleme started from the pole and led most of the caution free event. But a hard charging Brett Jackson in the 31 spoiled Lalemes night by taking the lead and the win. Following close behind was the 91 of Keri Sicard and 3rd went to the 10 Christian Laflamme.

The Wells River Chevrolet Tiger Division were next up and they turned up the heat and put on a heck of a show with multiple lead changes thru the 30 lap feature. When all was said and done, last weeks DQ'd feature winner Steve Hietz backed it up with another win but this time he made it thru tech. 2nd place went to Evan Amour who lead a good part of the event, and 3rd went to point leader Matt Morrill.

The final race of the night was our Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. The 50 lap main event saw the 64 of James Capps taking the early lead and setting a pretty good pace for the first 18 laps. After a couple of quick cautions, the 78 of Quinny Welch who started dead last in the 15 car field, made his way to the front and pulled out to a 5 car length lead. But on the restart after a yellow on lap 45 Jeff Marshall was able to take the lead and Stacy Cahoon also snuck by Quinny. At the end of the race the 32 of Jeff Marshall took the win, 2nd went to the 83 of Stacy Cahoon and 3rd went to the 78 Quinny Welch.

Next week the kids pit tour will begin at 5:00 PM. Racing begins at 6:00 PM featuring The FOLEY OIL & PROPANE WMMP LATE MODEL 150 plus 4 other WMMP divisions and the Mini Cup Cars. Capping the night of racing we will have an awesome FIREWORKS DISPLEY. Don't miss this special night!
Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks

Advanced Division

1. 51 Tyler Thompson
2. 88x Nathaniel Parkins
3. 26 Cassidy Wentworth
4. 15 Christopher Pierce
5. 02 Zachary Baumgardner

Rookie Division

1. 55x Laci Potter
2. 55 Keagan Lamson
3. 77 Owen Boucher
4. 3 Daniel Abbott
5. 14 Jillian Baumgardner
6. 06 Rachel Taggett
7. 07 Branden Taggett
8. 18 Madison Heitz

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars

1. 60 Tom Smithers
2. 27 Robert Brown
3. 01 Norm Forest
4. 26 Jim Wentworth
5. 29 Mark Wiggett
6. 02 Kevin Wyman
7. 09 Alfred O'Haire
8. 00 Cody Wyman

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 31 Brett Jackson
2. 91 Keri Sicard
3. 10 Christian Laflamme
4. 4 Dylan Laleme
5. 17 Scott Senecal
6. 12 John Knight
7. 88 Nate Walton
8. 16 Adam Sicard
9. 19 Dave Driscoll
10. 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
11. 0 Lisa Hodgdon - DNS

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 99 Steven Heitz
2. 71 Evan Amour
3. 9 Matthew Morrill
4. 14 Tyler Farnham
5. 4 Shane Sicard
6. 94 Randy Dockham
7. 37 Kaleb Rogers
8. 54 Colin Cornell
9. 2 Michael Clark
10. 20 Amanda Wheeler
11. 31 Dustin Jackson
12. 62 Jacob Perry
13. 96 Chip Lacquire
14. 23 Michael Potter

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models

1. 32 Jeff Marshall
2. 83 Stacy Cahoon
3. 78 Quinny Welch
4. 2 Stephen Donahue
5. 10 Jesse Switser
6. 4 Jonathan Lemay
7. 74 Doug Laleme
8. 49 Matt Anderson
9. 64 James Capps
10. 22 Scott Corey
11. 06 Allison Menard
12. 57 Dave Labrecque
13. 3 Bernie Lantagne
14. 20 Richie Brown
15. 74VT Jerry Lesage
June 17th, 2017 RESULTS
Payea Rolls On at White Mountain;
Outduels Moltz, Masterson for
3rd straight ACT Win
NORTH WOODSTOCK, NH - Scott Payea of Colchester, Vt. took the lead from Dillon Moltz on a lap 72 restart and notched his third consecutive American Canadian Tour (ACT) victory in the White Mountain 150 Saturday at White Mountain Motorsports Park.

Moltz started on the pole, led the first 71 laps and then drew even to Payea's outside on lap 78, but never managed to regain the top spot. With six laps remaining, Payea finally managed to give Moltz the slip. His winning margin was four car-lengths.

Josh Masterson, who had kept contact with the leaders while dicing with local favorite Quinny Welch for over 50 laps, finished third. Welch was fourth, followed by Corey Mason and Jimmy Hebert.

Payea stayed strongest the longest in the Harrison Redi-Mix No. 37. After gaining the lead from the outside of the front row on the lap 72 restart, he was able to protect it from the bottom on the fourth and final restart on lap 97 and smoothly work lapped traffic from anywhere on the track.

It was the 11th victory of Payea's ACT career.

"The car never fell off," Payea said. "I can't thank the RPM team enough. The outside was the place to be, but fortunately, I could make the inside work. He (Moltz) stalked me. I had a mirror full most of the time."

Moltz expressed disappointed with the outcome. "We came back with the same setup we won with here last year and we got a little too tight," he said. "It was a heck of a ride though."

Mike Ziter had a strong showing go for naught when electrical problems forced him to the pits while running in fourth on lap 126.

Ziter, Masterson and Welch had an entertaining back and forth for much of the way.

"I apologize for using Quinny up some there," Masterson said. "I used the car up a little early, but this was a good change for us. It's been a struggle."

Mason earned his top-5 finish after starting 13th. "The lapped cars ran us hard," he said. "They didn't want to give up."

Positions 7-10 went to Rowland Robinson Jr., Jesse Switzer, Scott Dragon and Stacy Cahoon.

The next American Canadian Tour event is at Seekonk Speedway (Mass.) Saturday, July 15.

White Mountain 150 Finish - starting position in (*)
1. Scott Payea (3) 2. Dillon Moltz (1) 3. Josh Masterson (2) 4. Quinny Welch (6) 5. Corey Mason (13) 6. Jimmy Hebert (7) 7. Rowland Robinson Jr. (21) 8. Jesse Switser (8) 9. Scott Dragon (18) 10. Stacy Cahoon (10) 11. Jason Corliss (11) 12. Rich Dubeau (9) 13. Jeff Marshall (12) 14. Kyle Welch (5) 15. Mike Kennison (16) 16. Stephen Donahue (19) 17. Ray Christian (14) 18. Jeremy Davis (25) 19. Jonathan Lemay (23) 20. Oren Remick (17) 21. CJ McClaughlin (15) 22. Scott Corey (20) 23. Mark Hudson (22) 24. Matt Anderson (28) 25. Mike Ziter (4) 26. Spencer Morse (29) 27. James Capps III (24) 28. Miles Chipman (27) 29. Bryan LaQuire (26) 30. Jimmy Linardy (30)

Saturday night at the Mountain saw a packed pit area as the ACT cars rolled in to town. Skies stayed clear and sunny for the nights events. Racing got under way at 5:00 pm with the grandstands full of eager race fans.

The ACT 150 LMS qualifying kicked off the evening with 4 qualifying heats. 34 cars took the field to race for 30 spots.

Feature 1 of the night was our Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis. 12 Minis took the green flag for their 20 lap feature. Ttaking the checkered flag for the first time was rookie Nate Walton driving the 88 car, 2nd place went to Jason Rodgers driving the 91 car filling in for Keri Sicard and finishing 3rd was the 03 of Jason Kenison.

Feature 2 on the track was our Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars . Tonight some of our regular drivers had the night off leaving us a field of 8 dwarf drivers. After several attempts at a green flag start, racing finally got under way. Finishing in 1st place was the 27 of Downtown Bobby Brown, 2nd place went to the 26 of Jim Wentworth and 3rd place went to the 01 of Norm Forest.

The Wells River Chevrolet Tigers finished out the 3rd feature for the WMMP regular divisions. 14 Tigers took the field for the green flag start. After several lead changes and position battles for the top three spots, when the checkered flag flew it went to the 54 of Colin Cornell. 2nd place went to the 37 of Kaleb Rogers, and 3rd to Matt Morill in the 9.

White Mountain Motorsports park will be back in action on Saturday June 24th with all 5 divisions racing. Join us for a 6:00 PM Sharp green flag start, Hope to see you at the Mountain for a night of excting Racing by some talented racers.

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 54 Colin Cornell
2. 37 Kaleb Rogers
3. 9 Matthew Morrill
4. 94 Randy Dockham
5. 4 Shane Sicard
6. 20 Amanda Wheeler
7. 2 Michael Clark
8. 14 Tyler Farnham
9. 71 Evan Amour
10. 88 Todd Colpitts
11. 82 Colby Bourgeois
12. 96 chip Laquire
13. 74 Justin Eldridge
DQ 99 Steven Heitz

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 88 Nate Walton
2. 91 Jason Rogers
3. 03 Jason Kenison
4. 10 Christian Laflamme
5. 21 Matt Carbone
6. 4 Dylan Laleme
7. 0 Lisa Hodgdon
8. 16 Adam Sicard
9. 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
10. 17 Scott Senecal
11. 31 Brett Jackson
12. 19 Dave Driscoll

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars

1. 27 Robert Brown
2. 26 Jim Wentworth
3. 01 Norm Forest
4. 60 Tom Smithers
5. 29 Mark Wiggett
6. 8 Tyson Payne
7. 36 Howie Switser
8. 09 Alfred O'Haire

What an incredible night of racing! We would like to thank everyone who came out to support and cheer on these drivers! This could not be done without all of you♥! See you all next week!
LMS Fuel Line Check Valves
ACT is not recommending fuel line check valves because of reoccurring problems. Therefore, WMMP will also not be recommending them.
June 10th, 2017 RESULTS
June 10th was a beautiful night for racing with clear skies and a packed pit of eager racers. White Mountain Motorsports park was the place to be for racing action.

Racing started at 6pm with the Kids Trucks Division. The trucks remain split into two divisions as this seems to be working both for the rookies and the experienced drivers. The Dads 4 By Tool & Supply division has become a great starter program for kids interested in race car driving. Tonights rookie division saw the 77 of Owen Boucher taking the checkers, 2nd went to the 55 of Keagan Lampson. 3rd place went to Daniel Abbott in the 3, 4th went to the 06 of Rachael Taggett and newcomer Jillian Baumgardner took home 5th place driving the #14. Next up was the experienced truck drivers. Taking the checkers was the 51 of Tyler Thompson, 2nd place went to the 88X of Nathaniel Parkins. Taking 3rd was the 02 of Zac Baumgrdner and 4th to Cassidy Wentworth.

Feature 2 of the night was our Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Mini Stocks. 12 Mini's took the green flag. The race saw several leaders swapping for 1st place position throughout the 20 laps. It was the 31 of Brett Jackson winning the right to carry the checkers. Second place went to the 20 of Christian Laflamme driving the 10 car, and the 91 of Keri Sicard rounded out the Top 3.

Next up on the track was our Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars . 13 of these fast little machines took the green flag. The 08 of Andy Hill led most of the race. but the 88 of Jason Wyman passed him with a few laps to go to take the checkers. 2nd went to Hill and 3rd place went to the 00 of Cody Wyman.

The Foley Oil & Propane Late Models were up next with 18 fast and furious late model drivers taking the green flag. After a tough start caused by several wrecks, racing finally got under way. At the 3/4 mark a big pile up in front of the flag stand required a red flag while clean up procedures began. After many bags of speedi dry and a few tow truck trips to the pits with wrecked cars, the race was restarted. With several cars remaining in the pits unable to compete the field was downsized. Taking the checkers for the 4th win in a row and flying the American flag for a victory lap was the 78 of Quinny Welch, 2nd place went to the 83 of Stacey Cahoon, 3rd went to the 32 of Jeff Marshall. Next week we will see our talented Late model drivers competing with the ACT racers for the ACT 150

The Wells River Chevrolet Tigers had a 30 lap feature to round out the night. Lots of action was seen tonight with several accidents . The 99 of Steve Heitz went for a ride on the high side of turn 3 and 4 after losing a tire. Taking the checkers for the victory lap was Matt Morrill, 2nd to Randy Dockham and 3rd went to the 2 of Mike Clark.

Next Saturday we will be racing at 5:00 PM, with the American Canadien Tour making a stop at White Mountain Motorsports park, Be sure to get a good seat in the grandstand for this exciting 150 lap ACT late model feature event. See you June 17th for a night of excitement at the Mountain.

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 9 Matthew Morrill
2. 94 Randy Dockham
3. 2 Michael Clark
4. 37 Kaleb Rogers
5. 4 Shane Sicard
6. 88 Todd Colpitts
7. 23 Mike Potter
8. 71 Evan Amour
9. 54 Colin Cornell
10. 31 Dustin Jackson
11. 74 Justin Eldridge
12. 99 Steven Heitz
13. 66 Tim Churchill

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models
1. 78 Quinny Welch
2. 83 Stacy Cahoon
3. 32 Jeff Marshall
4. 4 Jonathan Lemay
5. 2 Stephen Donahue
6. 22 Scott Corey
7. 91 Jody Sicard
8. 3 Bernie lantagne
9. 20 Richie Brown
10. 64 James Capps
11. 06 Allison Menard
12. 74 Doug Laleme
13. 57 Dave labrecque
14. 74VT Jerry Lesage
15. 10 Jesse Switser
16. 42 Mike Jurkowski
17. 49 Matt Anderson
18. 47 Bryan Laquire

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars

1. 88 Jason Wyman
2. 08 Andy Hill
3. 00 Cody Wyman
4. 60 Tom Smithers
5. 27 Robert Brown
6. 36 Howie Switser
7. 29 Mark Wiggett
8. 01 Norm Forest
9. 7 Eric Corum
10. 02 Kevin wyman
11. 26 Jim Wentworth
12. 8 Tyson Payne
13. 09 Alfred O'Haire

Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks

Advanced Division

1. 51 Tyler Thompson
2. 88x Nathaniel Parkins
3. 02 Zachary Baumgardner
4. 26 Cassidy Wentworth

Rookie Division

1. 77 Owen Boucher
2. 55x laci potter
3. Daniel Abbott
4. 06 Racheal taggett
5. 14 Jillian Baumgardner

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 31 Brett Jackson
2. 10 Christian Laflamme
3. 91 Keri Sicard
4. 12 john knight
5. 0 Lisa Hodgdon
6. 17 Scott Senecal
7. 19 Dave Driscoll
8. 4 Dylan laleme
9. 16 Adam sicard
10. 88 Nate Walton
11. 2 Daniel Gooden
DNS 87 Don M. Judd Jr.

What a night! Thank you all for an eventful evening and we look forward to seeing you all, along with the ACT crew, next weekend!
Weather Wipes Out
Foley Oil & Propane
Late Model 150
N. Woodstock, NH  -   White Mountain Motorsports Park was forced to cancel their Saturday night racing program on 6/3 due to rain. The Foley Oil & Propane 150 will be made up on Saturday, July 1st along with the Wells River Chevrolet Tigers, Woodsville Guarranty Savings Bank minis and the Dads 4 by Tools and Supply kids trucks.

Racing will start at 6:00 PM and following the race will be a spectacular fireworks show.

Next up will be our regular event this weekend, June 10th, with all 5 WMMP divisons competing. Racing will start at 6:00 PM sharp.
May 27th, 2017 RESULTS
All 5 WMMP divisions raced on 5/27. Another packed grandstand night and plenty of cars in the pits to keep the crowd entertained.

Racing started at 6 PM with the Dads 4 By Tools and Supply Kids Trucks in 2 divisions again. 1st was the rookies with 10 laps of action. Taking the checkers was #55 of Keagan Lampson, 2nd went to the 77 of Owen Boucher, and 3rd to newcomer Lacey Potter.

Race #2 was for our experienced truck drivers, The 88x and 51 swapped positions throughout the race much like last weekend. This week it was the 88x of Nathaniel Parkins grabbing the checkers over the 51 of Tyler Thompson. 3rd went to the 02 of Zac Baumgardner and 4th the 26th of Cassidy Wentworth

In the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Mini Stocks feature, 13 Mini's took the green flag with the ladies battling for 1st and 2nd place. The checkered flag waved for the 91 of Keri Sicard, and 2nd went to the 0 of Lisa Hodgdon. Taking 3rd this week was the 10 of Christian Laflamme.

Next up on was our Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars with 11 dwarf starters. After several cautions and lead changes the 27 of Bobby Brown took the checkered flag. Finishing 2nd was the 29 of Mark Wigget while 3rd went to the 60 of Tommy Smithers.

The Foley Oil & Propane Late Models were next up with 17 starters.  Last year's track Champion Quinny raced his way from the back of the field for his third win of the season. Finishing in 2nd was the 32 of Jeff Marshall who also led several laps . 3rd place went to the 10 of Jesse Switser.

The Wells River Chevrolet Tigers division was the last race of the night with a field of 14. The 66 and the 9 swapped the lead several times. The 66 of Timmy Churchill ended up victorius as the 9 of Matt Morrill took home 2nd. 3rd place went to the 37 of Kaleb Rogers.

Next saturday we will be racing at 5:00 PM with our Late Model 150 lap event. It's sure to be an action packed night of racing. Wth a full field of late model cars the past few weeks it will be a race you don't want to miss. See you next weekend at the Mountain.

Dads 4
By Tools & Supply Kids Trucks

Rookie Division

1. 55 Keagan Lampson
2. 77 Owen Boucher
3. 55x Laci Potter
4. 3 Daniel Abbott


Advanced Division
1. 88 Nathaniel Parkins
2. 51 Tyler Thompson
3. 02 Zachary Baumgardner
4. 26 Cassidy Wentworth


Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis
1. 91 Keri Sicard
2. 0 Lisa Hodgdon
3. 10 Christian Laflamme
4. 4 Dylan Laleme
5. 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
6. 17 Scott Senecal
7. 12 John Knight
8. 88 Nate Walton
9. 16 Adam Sicard
10. 31 Brett Jackson
11. 19 Dave Driscoll
12. 2 Daniel Gooden
13. 25 Charles Kimball


Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars
1. 27 Robert Brown
2. 29 Mark Wiggett
3. 60 Tom Smithers
4. 7 Dave Helliwell
5. 36 Howie Switser
6. 01 Norm Forest
7. 02 Kevin Wyman
8. 09 Alfred O'Haire
9. 8 Tyson Payne
10. 26 Jim Wentworth
11. 00 Cody Wyman


Wells River Chevrolet Tigers
1. 66 Tim Churchill
2. 9 Matthew Morrill
3. 37 Kaleb Rogers
4. 4 Shane Sicard
5. 14 Tyler Farnham
6. 94 Randy Dockham
7. 2 Michael Clark
8. 88 Todd Colpitts
9. 54 Colin Cornell
10. 74 Justin Eldridge
11. 99 Steven Heitz
12. 20 Amanda Wheeler
13. 31 Dustin Jackson
14. 71 Evan Amour


Foley Oil & Propane Late Models
1. 78 Quinny Welch
2. 32 Jeff Marshall
3. 10 Jesse Switser
4. 74vt Jerry Lesage
5. 2 Stephen Donahue
6. 83 Stacy Cahoon
7. 4 Jonathan Lemay
8. 3 Bernie Lantagne
9. 49 Matt Anderson
10. 22 Scott Corey
11. 06 Allison Menard
12. 57 Dave Labrecque
13. 20 Richie Brown
14. 04 CJ McLaughlin
15. 47 Bryan laquire
16. 74 Doug Laleme
17. 9 Robert Hagar DQ
18. 64 James Capps DNS

We would like to thank everyone near and far for another night of exciting racing!







2017 WMMP TRIPLE 150s
2017 is looking to be a big year at WMMP for our Late Model teams. There will be three 150 laps races throughout the summer with a $3,000 Bonus up for grabs.

WMMP will host a stand alone 150 lap race on July 1st for Race #1.
Races #2 and #3 will be ACT 150 lap events on June 17th and August 19th.

The top 10 finishing cars from Races #1 and #2 will be eligible to win the $3,000 bonus if they can win Race #3. (You must race all three races to be eligible for the bonus money.)

An additional $2,000 Bonus goes to the driver that can win ALL THREE races.

All three events will also be WMMP point races for regular Saturday cars with points awarded as for a Saturday night feature. Regular Saturday night cars are those cars that have not missed more than one race prior to the event. Any regular Saturday car attempting to quality and failing will received last place points for the feature race.


(NO RVs/Campers prior to that date)


1. NEW FLAGMAN:  WMMP is pleased to announce that David Baron Sr. will be taking over the flagman duites for the 2017 season and beyond. David has raced at WMMP for years. He's a person that never gives up and is willing to help everyone.

He has always had the desire to be the flagman and has his own flag set that were given to him by his father. David's dad flagged for many years at the Southern New Hampshire tracks and worked closely with the late Charlie Ellion to had much to do with many of the NH tracks.

We would like to thank Rob for his help flagging this past season and half of the previous one. He stipped up in the middle of the 2015 season when we desperately need a flagman. Knowing that it isn't the easiest job, Rob truely made the best of it every week.

Thanks again Rob!

2. KIDS TRUCKS: The good news is that there seems to be considerable interest in this youth division for both boys and girls to drive trucks. We will have two groups for these young racers.
As you know, the more you race, the better you get!

The first group will be for the younger drivers and for those that have never raced before. These drivers may not remain in this group for the entire season. As a driver develops and gets used to racing, we may allow the driver to move up to the next level. If the driver is not comfortable there, they may move back down. It is important for these young drivers to get the time they need to learn.

Danny Walker has agreed to find time to help these drivers and will personally supervise them. Danny will be on his radio when the trucks are on track. Please listen to him. He knows a lot about racing!

The second group will be those drivers that have raced before - some for one year and some for two years. This group will listen to the radio of Rich (know as Fluffy) during the races. He too knows quite a bit about racing.

Please remember that this is a learning division. The drivers are developing their skills. There is a lot to learn both on and off the race track. Learning how to race without using up expensive equipment is important. Keeping a positive attitude, meeting new friends, and having fun while learning is what this division is about. Don't forget that!

Now comes the hard part. WMMP only has 8 scanners. This year drivers will be responsible for supplying and maintaining their own scanners. A WMMP unit will be available for use if a scanner fails. Note that only scanners will be allowed - no two-way radios or cell phones. The channel will be #159.585.

The last thing for this devision is this: Please know that this is a learning division, not only for the drivers, but also for their families and friends. The trucks must follow the rules. Stock means stock. It's like basketball - everyone plays with the same size ball. We will stress that if you do want to spend money, spend it on safety - the driver's seat, the restraint system, cage padding, the helmet, and the race suit. Having the peace of mind knowing that your son or daughter has the best sefety equipment that you can offer can go a long way.

3. 2017 RACE PROCEDURES: As you all know, racing has changed a lot in the past ten years - some for the better and some maybe not so good. Our intent in making these changes is to help racing in general. The fans and drivers that understand this know what we are trying to accomplish. These changes pertain to all the divions with a few hitting just the late models.

All linueups will be done by your handicap numbers - meaning your points total divided by the number of races you ran. For example 120 divided by 3 races = 40.0 for your handicap.

Qualifying races will be divided equally by the numbers of cars we have. Lower handicap cars will be in one qualifier. Higher handicap cars will be in the other, plus the last week's feature winner.

Multi-time feature winners (more than one win) will start their feature no better than a certain position based up the car count. For example: the previous week's winner will start in the rear of the field but in front of any car with multi feature wins. Late models will do away with qualifying procedures that were used in the last 10 years.

4. HANDICAPPING SYSTEM FOR 2017: After the first event, everyone will have a handicap #. New cars after the first event will start at the rear of all races for one week. Whenever you return to race again, you will have a handicap # and that is where you will start if their weren't incidents the week that you raced.


8" Late Models and Tigers/Strictly Stocks practice tires will be available for $125.00 per tire.

The practice tires will be available for purchase at the track only on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made with Donald.
2014 PHO
Cooler Restrictions: 14" or smaller. No Alcohol. No Glass Containers.