Cooler Restrictions: 14" or smaller. No Alcohol. No Glass Containers

Grandstand- Regular Events*:

Adults- $12

Children 11 and Under- $2

Grandstand- Special Events (PASS, ACT, July 5th, GSPSS)*:

Adults- $20

Children 11 and Under- $2

Pit Area- Regular Events*:

Licensed- $25

Unlicensed- $35

Pit Area- Special Events (PASS, ACT, July 5th, GSPSS)*:

Licensed- $25

Unlicensed- $35

Pit License Costs:

Until April 1st- $75

After April 1st- $100

Minimum age in the pit area is 11. Those between age 11 and 18 must provide a signed release form and proof of age. Release form must be signed by parent/legal guardian. Forms are available at WMMP.


In the event of a sudden shower, the program will be temporarily suspended. However, every effort will be made to complete the program when the rain stops. If in the opinion of WMMP officials, the bad weather will prevent a return to safe driving conditions, the remaining races will be postponed or cancelled as follows:

1. The program will be considered complete, your ticket/wristband will serve as your rainchceck for the designated race. Here in the mountains weather may vary greatly. If its gloomy where you are, the sun may be shining here. We will make every effort to run all our race events as scheduled.

2. The program will be considered complete (no rainchecks honored) if four races have been completed.

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