It was a wild night from practice to the features at WMMP. Everyone battling for every last point they can gain on the driver ahead of them as there is only 1 point event left of the 2016 season.

Mother nature didn't start out the afternoon nicely with a quick rain storm. Once the track was dried practice could be underway.

It was a rough practice session for 3 of our NAPA late models. Dave Labreque spun in turn 4 and James Capps had nowhere to go and no time to slow down as he hit Labreque in the drivers side door. Allie Menard also got tangled up in the spin. Unfortunately Capps car was destroyed and has ended his season early, thankfully he walked away with no injuries. Labreque and Menard were able to make repairs in time for their heat events.

We started the night off with 2 Dads 4 by Tool and Supply heats who also had the first 2 features of the evening. The first feature saw 3 rookies take to the highbanks. The #07 of Branden Taggett took the 1/4 for the first time ever. Heitz and Wentworth have been racing for a few weekends and it showed this weekend. Both Heitz and Wentworth were able to lead a few laps each. When the checkers came out Cassidy Wentworth was the first to cross the finish line, followed by Heitz and Taggett.

The veterans continue to show their growth in the sport. Parkin and Walton went side by side for a few laps but Parkin was able to overcome to finish 2nd. Matt Frey worked the outside like a pro and was able to grab the win. Douglas had his work cut out for himself and managed to come home with the 3rd place trophy.

Kids Trucks Finish

1) 41 Matt Frey
2) 88x Nathaniel Parkin
3) 27 Robby Gordon Douglas
4) 51 Tyler Thompson
5) 15 Christopher Pierce
6) 88 Nate Walton
7) 02 Zachary Deaton

Second Kids Trucks Race Finish

1) 26 Cassidy Wentworth
2) 99 Madison Heitz
3) 07 Brandon taggett

NAPA Late Models had 16 cars in the put area. Unfortunately Capps and Brown were unable to start as Brown lost a rear end early in the night. The battle of the night was between Welch and Cahoon. Welch had the lead as Cahoon was all over his back bumper. Eventually Cahoon was able to work himself around Welch for the win. Bernie Lantana rounded out the podium with a 3rd place finish for the evening.

Late Models Finish

1) 83 Stacy Cahoon
2) 78 Quinny Welch
3) 3 Bernie lantagne
4) 74 Jerry Lesage
5) 31 Mike Kenison
6) 55 Russell Clark
7) 4 Jonathan Lemay
8) 42 Mike Jurkowski
9) 12 Michael Bailey
10) 72 Scott Coburn
11) 88 Jeremy Welch
12) 06 Allison Menard
13) 57 Dave Lebrecque
14) 41 Dave Boyce
DNS 20 Richie Brown
DNS 64 James Capps

The Wells River Chevy Tigers saw the young gun Kaleb Rodgers drive like a veteran as he held off the hard chargers for most of the race. Tim Churchill, a top runner, got into an incident which unfortunately ended his night with a lift back to the pit area on the flatbed. Current point leader Matt Morrill was able to grab another win. It was a good night for the Heitz household as Steve grabbed 3rd place.

Tigers Finish

1) 9 Matthew Morrill
2) 37 Kaleb Rogers
3) 99 Steven Heitz
4) 27 Cody Blake
5) 54 Colin Cornell
6) 4 Shane Sicard
7) 94 Randy Dockham
8) 88 Todd Colpitts
9) 33 David Allbee
10) 71 Evan Amour
11) 14 Tyler Farnham
12) 3 Anthony Tompkins
13)28 David Baron Sr
14) 84 Elwin Sydney
15) 96 Chip Lacquire
16) 17 Desirae Sicard
17) 66 Tim Churchill
DNS 23 Mike Potter

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis always battle hard against one another. Team cars Scott Senecal and Brett Jackson battled for the lead till the very end. Senecal held on for the win. Jackson crossed the stripe 2nd. The position to watch was who would cross the line 3rd. Current point leader Scott Corey gave it it all he had to try and overcome Sicard as she held on with all she had. We had to await the final word from scoring but it was Sicard who grabbed the 3rd place honors.

Strictly Minis Finish

1) 17 Scott Senecal
2) 31 Brett Jackson
3) 91 Keri Sicard
4) 02 Scott Corey
5) 10 Christian Laflamme
6) 12 John Knight
7) 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
8) 39 Greg Brackett
9) 19 Dave Driscoll
10) 37 Dustin Jackson
DNS 14 Michael Richards

The Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars saw Mark Wiggett go into the night just 9 points over "Downtown" Bobby Brown. Brown wanted every position he could get over Wiggett. Brown was able to hold off hard charger Norman Forrest for the win. Forrest finished 2nd and Eric Corum rounded out the podium.

Dwarfs Finish

1) 27 Robert Brown
2) 01 Norman Forest
3) 7 Eric Corum
4) 60 Tom Smithers
5) 29 Mark Wiggett
6) 26 Jim Wentworth
7) 14 Michael Donahue
8) 17 Tyler Jones
9) 33 Jeff Marshall

You don't wanna miss the final points even of the year,grab a friend or 5 and head to WMMP on Saturday the 17th for some of the best short track racing in the area. Racing starts at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

Thank you everyone for a great night of racing! We didn't rain out, whooo hooo!