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The night started off with a brief rain shower just before show time. The track quickly dried giving a few quick rounds of practice in. Centeral Asphalt Paving sponsored the evening.
The Dad's 4 by Tool & Supply Kids Trucks division the first feature of the night. The heat race saw the #88 of Nate Walton and the #27 of Robbie Gordon Douglas get into a little fender bender that ended with the #27 up against the turn 1 wall. Douglas was able to repair his truck and return for the main event. The 15 lap event saw 8 trucks start. Great racing as the top 5 trucks ran side by side for the first 3 laps of the event. By lap 4 Robbie Gordon Douglas worked himself into the 2nd position. The field stretched out by lap 8 and the #27 truck worked himself to the front of the pack. A great night for Douglas as he was unable to finish his heat race. Matt Fry, #41, and the #88x of Nathaniel Parkin went side by side for a few laps until the #88x was able to make his way around the #41. The winner was the #27 of Robbie Gordon Douglas followed by the #88x of Nathaniel Parkin and the #41 of Matt Frey rounded out the top 3.

Kids Trucks
1) 27 Robby Gordon Douglas
2) 88x Nathaniel Parkins
3) 41 Matt Frey
4) 51 Tyler Thompson
5) 88 Nate Walton
6) 02 Zachary Deaton
7) 66 seven Fitzgerald
8) 26 Cassidy Wentworth

Thirteen Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis were next on the card to do 20 laps of feature racing. Current point leader Scott Corey had a rough start in the heat race, having to pit twice but he got that car repaired and joined the field for the feature event. Michael " Tito" Richards Jr. pulled away from the field early in the event and never looked back. Dustin "Action" Jackson and Scott Corey battled hard side by side for 2 laps until Corey managed to work his way around Jackson. "Tito" Richard Jr. would be the first car to see the checkered flags as he brought home the win. He was followed by current point leader  Scott Corey with a great comeback after the heat race. Dustin "Action" Jackson finished in the 3rd  positon.

Strictly Minis
1) 14 Michael Richards
2) 02 Scott Corey
3) 37 Dustin Jackson
4) 10 Christian Laflamme
5) 17 Scott Senecal
6) 19 Dave Driscoll
7) 12 John Knight
8) 16 Daniel Gooden
9) 25 Charles Kimball
10) 39 Greg Brackett
11) 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
12) 31 Brett Jackson
13) 3 Avery Young
The Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars feature made it to lap 9 before a red flag flew on the field for a hard heat between the #14 of Michael Donahue and the #60 of Tommy Smithers. Donahue slid acroos the infield and was unable to stop, coming onto the track infront of Smithers. Both drivers were OK. The rest of the race went off with a breeze.
"Downtown" Bobby Brown #27 came home victorious and the #7 of Eric Corum ended his 6th straight 4th place finish by finishing in the 2nd Postion. Current point leader Mark Wiggett, #29 worked himself around his son, Tyler Jones, to come home in the 3rd positon.

Dwarf Cars
1) 27 Robert Brown
2) 7 Eric Corum
3) 29 Mark Wiggett
4) 01 Norman Forest
5) 17 Tyler Jones
6) 26 Jim Wentworth
7) 14 Michael Donahue
8) 60 Tom Smithers
Sixteen NAPA Late Models rolled onto the 1/4 mile high bank for their 50 lap main event.  Joining the field this week were two cars who are supported by the sponsor of the evening, Central Asphalt Paving - Corey Mason and Mike Kenison both of Groveton, NH. Mike Kenison, #31, started dead last and by lap 13 he was up to the 8th positon. Richie Brown, #20, quickly pulled away from the field and set his cruise control from there on as Quinny Welch, Russell Clark, and Bernie Lantagne tried to reel him in until the caution flag flew on lap 20 when the #41 of David Boyce spun on the backstretch. Quinny Welch made his way to the front on the restart. With 3 laps left to go the yellow came out for the #21 of Remick and the #41 of Boyce as they both went around in turn 4. A tough break for Remick as his night ended by going away on the "hook". An intense 3 lap shoot insued when the green flag flew again. Welch will once again come home victorious. Mike Kenison finished 2nd and Stacy Cahoon #83 rounded out the top 3.

Late Models
1) 78 Quinny Welch
2) 31 Mike Kenison
3) 83 Stacy Cahoon
4) 55 Russell Clark
5) 4 Jonathan Lemay
6) 1 Corey Mason
7) 2 Michael Clark
8) 3 Bernie Lantagne
9) 99 Jeff Morse
10) 42 Mike Jurkowski
11) 49 Matt Anderson
12) 06 Allison Menard
13) 20 Richie Brown
14) 57 Dave Lebrecque
15) 21 Oren Remick
16) 41 David Boyce
The Wells River Chevy Tigers divison started their 75 lap feature with out of car driver introductions. A early caution flag waved for a spin in turn 4 which sent 6 cars to the pit area for the evening. As always the Tiger drivers put on a great "edge of your seat" race. After several caution flags, some speedy dry, and lots of dust the 75 lap main event came to and end when the #15 of Travis Calkins took home the checkered flag followed by the #9 of Matt Morrill who finished 2nd. Rrounding out the podium with a 3rd place finish was the #4 of Shane Sicard.

1) 15 Travis Calkins
2) 9 Matthew Morrill
3) 4 Shane Sicard
4) 66 Tim Churchill
5) 74 Justin Eldridge
6) 23 Michael Potter
7) 99 Steven Heitz
8) 94 Randy Dockham
9) 33 David Allbee
10) 37 Kaleb Rogers
11) 01 Brian D. Gosselin
12) 71 Evan Amour
13) 17 Desirae Sicard
14) 88 Todd Colpitts
15) 96 Chip lacquire
16) 54 Colin Cornell
17) 64 James Capps
18) 28 David Baron Sr
19) 14 Tyler Farnham
20) 84 Elwin Sydney
21) 27 Amanda Wheeler

Next weeked will be sponsored by Napa Auto Parts and the Napa Late Models will race 150 green flag laps. Racing starts at 6:00 PM with firework presented by Tilton Fireworks to follow.

If ACT winner Dillon Moltz or any of the top 10 finishers from the july 24th ACT race can pull of a win next weekend they will get a $1,000 dollar bonus from Avery's Sweeping. The drivers that are eligidle are Dillion Moltz, Eddie Mcdonald, Nick Sweet, Scott Payea, Jimmy Hebert, Brandon Atkins, Mike Ziter, Devin O'Connell, Brian Tagg and Rowland Robinson Jr.