The PASS 150
PASS North Super Late Models
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Griffith Comes on Strong
for PASS Win at WMMP
North Woodstock, NH - N. Woodstock, NH - Hudson, NH's Derek Griffith became the first three-time winner in 2019 for the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North by capturing the PASS 150 presented by New England Racing Fuel at White Mountain Motorsports Park (WMMP) on Saturday, July 20. Griffith took the lead from fellow Hudson native Joey Polewarczyk and then fended off Waterford, CT's Dillon Moltz down the stretch for his second PASS Super Late Model victory at WMMP.

The 22-year-old hot shoe started 13th on the grid and steadily worked his way through the field while Worcester, MA's Derek Ramstrom set the pace early. Morrill, ME's Travis Benjamin would eventually take over the point and lead a good portion of the event. However, the two-time PASS champion was felled late by engine troubles, which relegated him to 14th in the final rundown.

Polewarczyk made his way to the lead in the middle stages of the event and looked to set sail. However, the younger Hudson racer proved to be his match, as Griffith got around "Joey Pole" and was never headed from there. Moltz began reeling Griffith in on a long run and seemed primed to mount a challenge. But a late-race caution worked to Griffith's advantage, giving him the leg up on the short run as he rolled to the win.

Moltz had his best run of the year by finishing second. Three-time and defending PASS North Champion D.J. Shaw of Center Conway, NH came from 12th in the starting line-up to finish third. The result helped him gain big on Garrett Hall in the 2019 championship chase after Hall struggled to a 12th-place finish. Polewarczyk faded to fourth in the final rundown while Turner, ME's Ben Rowe overcame multiple pit stops to finish fifth. Nick Sweet, Bobby Therrien, Reid Lanpher, Ramstrom, and Gabe Brown rounded out the top-10.

Groveton's Quinny Welch continued to set the bar in the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models by earning his fourth win of the year and second in a row. The seven-time champion came from shotgun on the starting grid to spoil a Cinderella bid by Whitfield's Jon Savage, who had taken the point from early leader Allie Menard on lap six of the 50-lap feature.

Menard spun one lap later to bring out the race's only caution, and Savage jumped out to a sizeable lead following the restart. But Welch patiently worked his way through the field, finding his way to the second spot on lap 30. From there, Welch chased down Savage, swiping the lead away with eight laps to go and going on to the victory.

Savage finished second, which was still easily the best result of his Late Model career. Winooski, VT's Jerry Lesage completed the podium in third. Moultonborough's Matthew Morrill also had a season-best run in fourth. Cody LeBlanc, Mike Bailey, Stacey Cahoon, Oren Remick, Scott Corey, and Jeff Marshall completed the top-10.

Whitefield's Christian Laflamme picked up his second win of the season in the Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers. Laflamme started fifth in the 35-lap feature and spent much of the event stalking point leader Shane Sicard. The youngster finally got around Sicard just past the halfway mark and held on for the win in a caution-free affair.

Barton, VT's Sicard maintained his healthy point lead with a second-place result. Gilmanton, NH's Jody Sicard came in third followed by Nathaniel Parkin and Colin Cornell.

Rookie Tyler Thompson of Littleton also became a two-time winner on the year in the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Mini's. Thompson was running seventh when the first caution flew on lap 15 of the 25-lap feature for an incident involving Richard Stockwell. Four laps later, Jillian Baumgardner and Scott Senecal tangled while battling for the fourth spot, moving Thompson into fourth for the final restart.

From there, Thompson turned on the afterburners. He received the two-to-go signal in the third spot - but by the time the white flag flew, Thompson had roared around both Dustin Jackson and fellow rookie Gavin McGinnis for the lead and the eventual win.

Bethlehem's Jackson also passed McGinnis on the final lap to take second. St. Johnsbury, VT's McGinnis settled for a career-best third after leading most of the event. Ryan Ware, Brandon Gray, Darren Newland, Rusty Drew III, Erin Aiken, Andrew Kachmarik, and Adam Sicard finished fourth through 10th.

Waterford, VT's Andy Hill continued to be king of the 7-Eleven Dwarf Cars with his fourth straight feature win. Hill started ninth in the 25-lap event and was already up to fourth when the lone caution flew on lap nine for Colby Bourgeois' spin. The point leader continued to charge after the green flag cam back out and ultimately got around Lincoln's Bobby Brown with six laps to go for the victory.

Brown finished second with Gilmanton's Tommy Smithers in third. Easton's Jason Wyman and Bath's Kevin Wyman completed the top-five.

White Mountain Motorsports Park closes out the month of July this Saturday, July 27 at 6:30pm with the New Hampshire Governor's Cup presented by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England. The Foley Oil & Propane Late Models go 150 laps in an event that is also their final tune-up for the Midsummer 250. The Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Mini's, and Dad's 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks are also on the card. Admission is $15 for adults, $3 for kids ages 6-12, and $30 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids).

For more information, contact the WMMP offices at (802) 244-6963.


WMMP Division Photos by Mark Alan Sumner
PASS Photos by Norm Marx

Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown, Laps
1. Derek Ramstrom ( 12G ) Hudson, NH, 150 laps
2. Dillon Moltz ( 5M ) Waterford, CT, 150 laps
3. D.J. Shaw ( 60 ) Center Conway, NH, 150 laps
4. Joey Polewarczyk ( 97 ) Hudson, NH, 150 laps
5. Ben Rowe ( 4N) Turner, ME, 150 laps
6. Nick Sweet ( 40 ) Barre, VT, 150 laps
7. Bobby Therrien ( 5X ) Hinesburg, VT, 150 laps
8. Reid Lanpher ( 59 ) Manchester, ME, 150 laps
9. Derek Ramstrom ( 35 ) Worcester, MA, 150 laps
10. Gabe Brown ( 47 ) Center Conway, NH, 150 laps
11. Craig Weinstein ( 90 ) East Walpole, MA, 150 laps
12. Garrett Hall ( 94 ) Scarborough, ME, 150 laps
13. Evan Hallstrom ( 1VT ) Northfield, VT, 149 laps
14. Travis Benjamin ( 7 ) Morrill, ME, 132 laps
15. Dan Winters ( 81 ) Windham, NH, 89 laps
16. Brandon Baker ( 88 ) Windham, ME, 52 laps

Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Quinten Welch ( 78NH ) Groveton, NH
2. Jon Savage ( 78VT ) Whitfield, NH
3. Jerry Lesage ( 74VT ) Winooski, VT
4. Matthew Morrill ( 9NH ) Moultonborough, NH
5. Cody LeBlanc ( 55NH ) Berlin, NH
6. Mike Bailey ( 1ME ) S. Barre, VT
7. Stacy Cahoon ( 83VT ) St. Johnsbury, VT
8. Oren Remick ( 21NH ) Monroe, NH
9. Scott Corey ( 22NH ) Lyndonville, VT
10. Jeff Marshall ( 32NH ) Gilman, VT
11. Allie Menard ( 06NH ) Dorchester, NH
12. Mike Foster ( 7VT ) Williston, VT
13. David LaBrecque ( 57NH ) Thornton, NH


Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Christian Laflamme ( 10NH ) Whitefield, NH
2. Shane Sicard ( 4NH ) Barton, VT
3. Jody Sicard ( 49NH ) Gilmanton, NH
4. Nathaniel Parkin ( 88NH ) Bradford, VT
5. Colin Cornell ( 54VT ) E. Burke, VT
6. Michael Potter ( 23NH ) Plainfield, VT
7. Todd Colpitts ( 2VT ) Littleton, NH


Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. #Tyler Thompson ( 51 ) Littleton, NH
2. Dustin Jackson ( 37 ) Bethlehem, NH
3. #Gavin McGinnis ( 10 ) St. Johnsbury, VT
4. Ryan Ware ( 32 ) Littleton, NH
5. Brandon Gray ( 45 ) E. Thetford, VT
6. #Darren Newland ( 25 ) E. Burke, VT
7. Rusty Drew III ( 4 ) Franklin, NH
8. Erin Aiken ( 33 ) Claremont, NH
9. #Andrew Kachmarik ( 94 ) Maidstone, VT
10. Adam Sicard ( 16 ) Barton, VT
11. Kodi Sabins ( 36 ) Windsor, VT
12. Ray King ( 33X ) Claremont, NH
13. Tim Corey ( 10X ) Whitfield, NH
14. Scott Senecal ( 1 ) Lisbon, NH
15. Les Washburn ( 11 ) Bethlehem, NH
16. #Jillian Baumgardner ( 14 ) N. Woodstock, NH
17. #Laci Potter ( 55 )
18. Brett Jackson ( 31 ) Bethlehem, NH
19. James Stone ( 92 ) St. Johnsbury, VT
20. Colby Bourgeois ( 82 ) St. Johnsbury, VT
DNS Dave Driscoll ( 19 ) N. Woodstock, NH

Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Andy Hill ( 8 ) Waterford, VT
2. Bobby Brown ( 27 ) Lincoln, NH
3. Tommy Smithers ( 60 ) Gilmanton, NH
4. Jason Wyman ( 88 ) Easton, NH
5. Kevin Wyman ( 02 ) Bath, NH
6. Jarred Ainsworth ( 41 ) Bethlehem, NH
7. Dave Gyger ( 93 ) Campton, NH
8. Colby Bourgeois ( 33 ) St. Johnsbury, VT
9. Chad Dufour ( 52 ) Littleton, NH
10. Norman Forest ( 01 ) Dunbarton, NH
DNS Eric Boucher ( 4 ) Berwick, ME