The grandstands were full, the racing even better. The Dad's 4 by Tool & Supply Kids trucks division ran the first heat and feature of the night. Robby Gordon Douglas returned after a 2 weeks absence and was the man to watch and he worked his way through traffic and finished with a solid 3rd place finish. Matt Frey, #41, had a great run finishing 2nd. The winner Nathaniel Parkin, #88x, worked himself to the front using the outside groove for several laps.

Kids Trucks Finish

88X Nathaniel Parkin
41 Matt Frey
27 Robby Gordon Douglas
88 Nate Walton
02 Zachary Deaton
51 Tyler Thompson
15 Christopher Pierce
99 Madison Heitz

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars ran a hard race once again, " Uptown" Tommy Smithers, #60, started his night off on the wrong foot as he spun and was taken away on the hook in his feature event. Smithers quickly repaired his car and returned to the field, working his way through traffic to make his way back to the front of the pack, when he yet again spun and was sent to the rear of the field once again. Smithers was on a mission and worked himself through the field once again to bring home an amazing 3rd place finish. New comer George Heliwell, #07, has been with us for a few weeks and was once again in victory lane as he finished in 2nd. And current point leader Mark Wiggett came home victorious.

Dwarf Cars Finish

29 Mark Wiggett
07 George Helliwell
60 Tom Smithers
01 Norman Forest
7 Eric Corum
27 Robert Brown
17 Tyler Jones
14 Michael Donahue
26 Jim Wentworth

The Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Mini Division saw a youngster drive his car like a veteran, this young man worked himself to the front of the pack. Christian Laflamme, #10, will always remember this night as he captured his first feature win. A job well done by Laflamme. After several years of not seeing victory lane the #17 of Scott Senecal is making it a habit, Senecal finished 2nd and point leader Scott Corey, #02 rounded out the podium.

Strictly Minis Finish

10 Christian Laflamme
31 Scott Senecal
02 Scott Corey
87 Don M. Judd, Jr.
31 Brett Jackson
14 Michael Richards, Jr.
37 Dustin Jackson
19 David Driscoll
3 Avery Young
1 Mathew Mason
12 John Knight
43 Cheryl Lee Joyce

Wells River Chevy Tigers started 20 cars in the main event. The gentlemen that finished 3rd this weekend has wanted nothing more all year than to make victory lane. His daughter gave him a good luck charm that he put in his car and it worked for him as Todd Colpitts, #88, finished 3rd. The "Wild Man" Tim Churchill, #66, finished second and The winner of the evening was the #94 of Randy Dockham.

Tigers Finish

94 Randy Dockham
66 Tim Churchill
88 Todd Colpitts
4 Shane Sicard
9 Matthew Morrill
33 David Allbee
23 Michael Potter
41 Stephen Hodgdon
74 Justin Eldridge
71 Evan Amour
49 Jody Sicard
28 David Baron Jr.
84 Elwin Sydney
17 Desirae Sicard
64 James Capps III
51 Dana Calkins
37 Kaleb Rogers
3 Anthony Tompkins
54 Colin Cornell
99 Steven Heitz

The Napa Late Model division always puts on an impressive show as they battle side by side for most of the race. Quinny Welch, #78, and Oren Remick, #21, battle hard but they give each other the room to run without wrecking each other. Jeff Marshall in the #32 got stuck in traffic for the first half of the race. Once he broke free he had a long ways to go to reel in the front 2 drivers. Marshall ran out of time and came home with a 3rd place finish. Oren Remick finished second and Welch came home victorious.

Late Models Finish

78 Quinny Welch
21 Oren Remick
32 Jeff Marshall
28 Ricky Bly
83 Stacy Cahoon
49 Matt Anderson
3 Bernie Lantagne
4 Jonathan Lemay
48 Bill Helliwell
88 Leo Martin
06 Allison Menard
2 Michael Clark
57 Dave Labrecque
41 David Boyce
20 Richie Brown