$500-to-Win Strictly Mini Special
Jackson Rebounds Big With
Strictly Mini Special Victory
N. Woodstock, NH - Bethlehem's Brett Jackson made it two in a row for the Jackson family by capturing the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Mini Special at N. Woodstock's White Mountain Motorsports Park on Saturday, June 8. Jackson grabbed the lead from polesitter Tyler Thompson halfway through the $500-to-win 50-lap event and drove off to the win just one week after son Dustin had stood in Victory Lane.

Jackson started seventh in the 23-car field after a rough outing the week before and quickly made his way to the runner-up position behind Littleton's Thompson. After following in the rookie's tire tracks for nearly 20 laps as they picked their way through traffic, Jackson made his move as they approached the crossed flags. He was able to get around Thompson just before the event's first caution for a three-car tangle involving Scott Senecal, Santana Merritt, and Jillian Baumgardner.

Four more yellows would follow over the next 11 circuits, giving Thompson, point leader Adam Sicard, Dustin Jackson, and others the chance to challenge for the lead. But Brett Jackson drove away from them every time, leading the final 26 circuits en route to the big win.

Thompson hung on for a second-place finish to give him far and away the best result of his Strictly Stock Mini career. Littleton's Ryan Ware recovered from a mid-race pit stop to finish on the podium for the third straight event. Dustin Jackson, John Knight, Sicard, Senecal, Jamie Ball, Darren Newland, and Nate Walton rounded out the top-10.

Gilman, VT's Jeff Marshall made his way to Foley Oil & Propane Late Model Victory Lane for the first time this year by winning the 50-lap feature. Marshall started fourth on the grid and quickly got past Moultonborough's Matt Morrill for the lead on the third circuit.

Three cautions between laps 19 and 24 give Danville, VT's Tyler Cahoon and then Monroe's Oren Remick the opportunity to challenge Marshall. Each time, Marshall chose the outside line for the restart, and each time he used it to drive away. However, he came under attack from point leader Quinny Welch of Groveton in the final laps. Despite a late bid by Welch for his third straight win, Marshall was able to hold on by 0.120 seconds.

Welch took second followed by Remick in third. Stephen Donahue, Jessie Switser, Stacy Cahoon, Scott Corey, Tyler Cahoon, Chip Grenier, and Cody Leblanc also earned top-10 finishes.

Barton, VT's Shane Sicard continued to reign supreme in the Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers by taking his fourth straight win. But once again, he had to work his tail off for it. Sicard made it to the second position on lap 9 of the caution-free 35-lap feature and spent the next 20 laps stalking polesitter Jody Sicard. With six laps to go, Shane Sicard finally got the better of his brother, seizing the top spot and hanging on for the win.

Jody made it a one-two finish for the family by coming in second. Kaleb Rogers, Nathaniel Parkin, and Matthew Potter completed the top-five.

Waterford, VT's Andy Hill got a streak of his own going by making it two in a row in the WMMP Dwarf Cars. Hill roared from the fourth starting spot to the lead in just one lap, making quick work of Alfred O'Haire, Chad Dufour, and Ethan Tyrrell. He maintained the number-one position through four cautions spaced throughout the 25-lap feature and held off Bethlehem's Jarred Ainsworth over a final 3-lap sprint for the victory.

Ainsworth and Campton's Dave Gyger completed the podium. They were chased to the checkered flag by Chad Dufour and Kevin Wyman.

Groton, VT's Luke Peters nabbed his first win of the year in the Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks. Peters went flag-to-flag in the 15-lap feature to get the win over Ryan Bevins and Christopher Pierce.

White Mountain Motorsports Park is next on track with the Battle at the Banks on Sunday, June 16 at 1:00pm. The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge, presented by makes its debut with a three-segment, $5,000-to-win Tour-type Modified event and $1,500-to-win special for the Midstate Site Development Legends. They'll be joined by WMMP's Foley Oil & Propane Late Models, Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers, and Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis. Admission is $25 for adults, $5 for kids ages 6-12, and $50 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids).

For more information, contact the WMMP offices at (802) 244-6963.
Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Jeff Marshall ( 32NH ) Gilman, VT
2. Quinten Welch ( 78NH ) Groveton, NH
3. Oren Remick ( 21NH ) Monroe, NH
4. Stephen Donahue ( 2VT ) Graniteville, VT
5. Jesse Switser ( 25NH ) Whitfield, NH
6. Stacy Cahoon ( 83VT ) St. Johnsbury, VT
7. Scott Corey ( 22NH ) Lyndonville, VT
8. Tyler Cahoon ( 38VT ) Danville, VT
9. Chip Grenier ( 9VT ) Graniteville, VT
10. Cody LeBlanc ( 55NH ) Berlin, NH
11. Mike Bailey ( 1ME ) S. Barre, VT
12. Allie Menard ( 06NH ) Dorchester, NH
13. David LaBrecque ( 57NH ) Thornton, NH
14. Mike Foster ( 7VT ) Williston, VT
15. Jon Savage ( 78VT ) Whitfield, NH
16. Matthew Morrill ( 9NH ) Moultonborough, NH
Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Shane Sicard ( 4NH ) Barton, VT
2. Jody Sicard ( 49NH ) Gilmanton, NH
3. Kaleb Rogers ( 37NH ) Glover, VT
4. Nathaniel Parkin ( 88NH ) Bradford, VT
5. Matthew Potter ( 23VT ) Marshfield, VT
6. Michael Potter ( 23NH ) Plainfield, VT
$500-To-Win Special
Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Brett Jackson ( 31 ) Bethlehem, NH
2. #Tyler Thompson ( 51 ) Littleton, NH
3. Ryan Ware ( 32 ) Littleton, NH
4. Dustin Jackson ( 37 ) Bethlehem, NH
5. John Knight ( 12 ) Franklin, NH
6. Adam Sicard ( 16 ) Barton, VT
7. Scott Senercal ( 1 ) Lisbon, NH
8. Jamie Ball ( 99 )
9. Darren Newland ( 25 ) E. Burke, VT
10. Nate Walton ( 88 ) Derby Line, VT
11. #Jillian Baumgardner ( 14 ) N. Woodstock, NH
12. Joe Giddings ( 41 ) Waterford, VT
13. #Andrew Kachmarik ( 94 ) Maidstone, VT
14. Rob Thurston ( 7 ) Haverhill, NH
15. Richard Stockwell ( 77 ) Canaan, NH
16. John Shedd ( 43 ) Campton, NH
17. Donald Judd ( 87 ) Franklin, NH
18. Brandon Gray ( 00 ) E. Thetford, VT
19. Les Washburn ( 11 )
20. #Jack Hayes ( 09 ) Littleton, NH
21. Jason Fallman ( 21 ) N. Woodstock, NH
22. Rusty Drew III ( 4 ) Franklin, NH
23. Santana Merritt ( 07 ) Haverhill, NH
DNS Colby Bourgeois ( 82 ) St. Johnsbury, VT
Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Andy Hill ( 8 ) Waterford, VT
2. Jarred Ainsworth ( 41 ) Bethlehem, NH
3. Dave Gyger ( 93 ) Campton, NH
4. Chad Dufour ( 52 ) Littleton, NH
5. Kevin Wyman ( 02 ) Bath, NH
6. Norman Forest ( 01 ) Dunbarton, NH
7. Jason Wyman ( 88 ) Easton, NH
8. Ethan Tyrrell ( 23 ) Worcester, VT
9. Alfred O'Haire ( 09 ) Campton, NH
DNS Timothy Sherman Jr. ( 6 ) Northfield, VT
Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Luke Peters ( 26 ) Groton, VT
2. Ryan Bevins ( 7 ) Colchester, VT
3. Christopher Pierce ( 15 ) Orford, NH
4. Luke Shannon ( 13 ) Groveton, NH
5. Thomas Smithers, VI ( 24 ) Gilmanton, NH
6. Damion Sicard ( 23 ) Barton, VT
DNS Dominic Warren ( 9 ) Concord, VT
DNS Owen Boucher ( 77 ) Berwick, ME