The Dad's 4 by Tool and Supply Kids Truck Division has drivers from the ages of 12-15. These youngsters always put on a great show for the fans. This week we saw a re-peat winner for the 2nd week in a row as Nathaniel Parkin, #88x, was the first to see the checkers. Hard charger Matt Frey, #41, finished 2nd and Christopher Pierce, #15, had a great 3rd place finish.

Kids Ttrucks Finish

1) 88X Nathaniel Parkin
2) 41 Matt Frey
3) 15 Christopher Pierce
4) 02 Zachary Deaton
5) 66 seven Fitzgerald
6) 51 Tyler Thompson
DNS - 88 Nate Walton

Things were switched up for the Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars this week. A few tough breaks for our top 2 point holders going into the night. The #4 of Justin Marsan has issues in practice which forced him to borrow his brothers car for the remainder of the evening. Jason Wyman #88, current point leader by 1 point at the beginning of the night had an unfortunate mechanical issue at the start of the feature forcing him to be done for the evening. Third Place point man Mark Wiggett, #29, had a solid first place finish starting the night 3rd place in points. It was a battle up front between Father-in-law "Downtown" Bobby Brown, #27, and Son-in-law "Uptown" Tommy Smithers, #60. They battled hard with each other, both leaning on each other from behind. When the checkers flew Brown would come home victorious and Smithers grabbed a close 2nd place.

Dwarfs Finish

1) 27 Bobby Robert Brown
2) 60 tommy Tom Smithers
3) 29 Mark Wiggett
4) 7 Eric Corum
5) 07 George Helliwell
6) 4 Justin Marsan
7) 26 Jim Wentworth
8) 17 Tyler Jones
9) 01 norm Forrest
10) 41 Jeff Ainsworth
11) 88 Jason Wyman

When you hear the phrase " racing is a family sport" it's the truth. As the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Mini's saw this weekend along with the Dwarf Cars. Current point leader Scott Corey in the #02 had some minor mechanical issues at the beginning of the race. Luckily he was able to join the field with a good finish. Dustin "Action" Jackson, #37, had a new car this week that they worked long and hard on all week long. Good racing, even though it took several caution flags to get a lap on the scoreboard. Once the excitement was over it was clear sailing from there. Brett Jackson, #31, carried the checkered flag for the first time in a long time he said. Brett's son Dustin enjoyed racing side by side with his dad to bring home a 2nd place finish. Jarred Ainsworth in the 94 finished with a solid 3rd place.

Strictly Minis Finish

1) 31 Brett Jackson
2) 37 Dustin Jackson
3) 94 Jarred Ainsworth
4) 02 Scott Corey
5) 17 Scott Senecal
6) 87 Donald Judd
7) 19 Dave Driscoll
8) 10 Christian Laflamme
9) 43 Cheryl Lee Joyce
10) 39 Greg Brackett
11) 14 Michael Richards Jr.
12) 12 John Knight

Wells River Chevy Tigers had a very happy youngster in victory lane. This young man moved up from the kids truck divison. It was his first time in victory lane this year. As you could tell by the smile on his face the #54 of Colin Cornell finished 2nd to the gentlemen who returned to the asphalt after a 13 year retirement, Randy Dockham, #94, took home the first place hardware for the evening. Matt Morrill in the #9, always a hard charger and fun to watch work his way through the field came home with a 3rd place trophy.

Tigers Finish
1) 94 Randy Dockham
2) 54 Colin Cornell
3) 9 Matthew Morrill
4) 66 Tim Churchill
5) 33 David Allbee
6) 4 Shane Sicard
7) 41 Stephen Hodgdon
8) 99 Steven Heitz
9) 64 James Capps
10) 28 David Baron Sr
11) 84 Elwin Sydney
12) 71 Evan Amour
13) 37 Kaleb Rogers
14) 17 Desirae Sicard
15) 88 Todd Colpitts
16) 74 Justin Eldridge
17) 21 Jason Fallman
18) 3 Anthony Tompkins
19) 18 David Baron Jr.

As I said at the beginning of the night "Flooring" Oren Remick in the 21 machine would be the man to watch in the Napa Late Models. Remick missed a points race last weekend dropping him from 2nd to 4th in points. It was great racing once again with only a few caution flags for spin-outs. Remick gained a few points back as he was the first to cross the finish line, closely followed by the #42 of Mike Jurkowski and 3rd place finisher Quinny Welch in the #78.

Late Models Finish

1) 21 Oren Remick
2) 42 Mike Jurkowski
3) 78 Quinny Welch
4) 49 Matt Anderson
5) 83 Stacy Cahoon
6) 3 Bernie Lantagne
7) 2 Michael Clark
8) 4 Jonathan Lemay
9) 06 Allison Menard
10) 41 David Boyce
11) 57 Dave Labrecque
12) 20 Richie Brown
13) 55 Russ Clark