North East Mini
Stock Tour 50
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Showdown Series 50

New England
Antique Racers
Welch Goes Back-to-Back
at White Mountain
N. Woodstock, NH - Groveton, NH's Quinny Welch found his way to Victory Lane at N. Woodstock, NH's White Mountain Motorsports Park (WMMP) on Saturday, June 1 for the second straight event. The seven-time track champion took the lead for good from Gilman, VT's Jeff Marshall on lap 32 of the 50-lap Foley Oil & Propane Late Model feature and sailed to yet another win on the high banks.

Thornton, NH's David Labreque started on the pole and led the first two laps before Dorchester, NH's Allie Menard took over. Lebrecque then regained the top spot on lap seven before the first of five cautions flew a circuit later for an incident involving Cody Leblanc and Jon Savage.

Marshall was lined up fourth on the restart behind Labrecque, Menard, and Stacy Cahoon. But when the green flew, Marshall cut to the front like a hot knife through butter, getting to the top spot in just one lap. The former Speedway 51 Champion tried to run off and leave the field, but the second caution on lap 19 for Labrecque and Steve Fisher closed the field back up.

It was Welch's turn to restart fourth this time after taking the green in the ninth position. And he came to the front nearly as fast, dispatching of Mike Bailey, Cahoon, and Marshall in a mere four circuits. Marshall wasn't ready to give up, however, and grabbed the lead back just before the third caution came out on lap 27 for Menard's spin. While Marshall was able to hold on through that restart and one more on lap 29, the final caution on lap 30 proved to be his undoing, as Welch got the lead once again two laps later and never looked back from there.

Marshall settled for second while Graniteville, VT's Chip Grenier took third in a rare WMMP appearance. Oren Remick, Joel Hodgdon, Cahoon, Brock Davis, Scott Corey, Leblanc, and Bailey rounded out the top-10.

Barton, VT's Shane Sicard kept an even more remarkable streak going in the Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers with his third straight win to start the season. The defending champion and current point leader needed just eight laps to get to the front for the first time as he inherited the lead when his brother Jody had problems to bring out the third caution.

However, it was no cakewalk to the win from there. Glover, VT's Kaleb Rogers jumped into the top-three after the fourth and final caution came out one lap later when Jody Sicard, Stephen Clark, and Nathaniel Parkin all tangled. From there, Rogers was on Sicard like a glove, and got the nose out in front on lap 22 of the 35-lap feature. The duo went back and forth from there, swapping the lead five more times in the final 13 circuits. It was Sicard who finally got the upper hand, snatching the lead back for go with two laps to go and taking the checkered flag.

Rogers earned a hard-fought second-place result while Bradford, VT's Parkin took third. Plainfield, VT's Michael Potter and Littleton's Clark completed the top-five.

Bethlehem, NH's Dustin Jackson picked up his first win of the season in the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Mini's. Jackson started 10th in the 25-lap feature and was running second with four laps to go when leader Colby Bourgeois suddenly had problems to bring out the second caution of the event. The incident put Jackson on the point and he never gave it up from there.

Littleton, NH's Ryan Ware captured his second straight runner-up trophy while Barton, VT's Adam Sicard came up just short in his bid for three straight wins. Darren Newland, John Knight, Nate Walton, Tyler Thompson, Jason Fallman, Donald Judd, and Rob Thurston finished fourth through 10th.

The North East Mini Stock Tour (NEMST) and Street Stock Showdown Series were also in town for a pair of 50-lap features. In the NEMST main event, it was Matt Kimball making it back-to-back wins on the tour. Kimball beat out multi-time NEMST Champion Emerson Cayer and Jarrod Soucy for the victory. Kyle Hewins took home the Street Stock Showdown win over David Whittier and Bryce Mains. Full results for each series were not yet available at press time.

The night was capped off by the annual appearance from the New England Antique Racers (NEAR). Bradford, VT's Alston Perry won the NEAR Modified feature while Milton, VT's Norm Cyr was tops in the NEAR Sportsman event.

White Mountain Motorsports Park is on track once again on Saturday, June 8 at 6:30pm. All five regular divisions will be in action with a special $500-to-win event for the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis. Admission is $12 for adults, $3 for kids ages 6-12, and $25 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids).

For more information, contact the WMMP offices at (802) 244-6963 or visit


Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Quinten Welch ( 78NH ) Groveton, NH
2. Jeff Marshall ( 32NH ) Gilman, VT
3. Chip Grenier ( 9VT ) Graniteville, VT
4. Oren Remick ( 21NH ) Monroe, NH
5. Joel Hodgdon ( 36VT ) Craftsbury Common, VT
6. Stacy Cahoon ( 83VT ) St. Johnsbury, VT
7. Brock Davis ( 47NH )
8. Scott Corey ( 22NH ) Lyndonville, VT
9. Cody LeBlanc ( 55NH ) Berlin, NH
10. Mike Bailey ( 1ME ) S. Barre, VT
11. Ricky Roberts ( 3VT ) Washington, VT
12. Matthew Morrill ( 9NH ) Moultonborough, NH
13. Mike Foster ( 7VT ) Williston, VT
14. Jon Savage ( 78VT ) Whitfield, NH
15. Allie Menard ( 06NH ) Dorchester, NH
16. Steve Fisher ( 24VT ) S. Burlington, VT
17. David LaBrecque ( 57NH ) Thornton, NH
18. Doug Laleme ( 74NH )

Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Shane Sicard ( 4NH ) Barton, VT
2. Kaleb Rogers ( 37NH ) Glover, VT
3. Nathaniel Parkin ( 88NH ) Bradford, VT
4. Michael Potter ( 23NH ) Plainfield, VT
5. Stephen Clark ( 55NH ) Littleton, NH
6. Jody Sicard ( 49NH ) Gilmanton, NH
DNS Christian Laflamme ( 10NH ) Whitefield, NH


Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Dustin Jackson ( 37 ) Bethlehem, NH
2. Ryan Ware ( 32 ) Littleton, NH
3. Adam Sicard ( 16 ) Barton, VT
4. #Darren Newland ( 25 ) E. Burke, VT
5. John Knight ( 12 ) Franklin, NH
6. Nate Walton ( 88 ) Derby Line, VT
7. #Tyler Thompson ( 51 ) Littleton, NH
8. Jason Fallman ( 21 ) N. Woodstock, NH
9. Donald Judd ( 87 ) Franklin, NH
10. Rob Thurston ( 7 ) Haverhill, NH
11. Rusty Drew III ( 4 ) Franklin, NH
12. Hunter Garduno ( 13 ) West Fairlee, VT
13. Jamie Ball ( 99 )
14. Colby Bourgeois ( 82 ) St. Johnsbury, VT
15. #Jillian Baumgardner ( 14 ) N. Woodstock, NH
16. Les Washburn ( 11 )
17. #Andrew Kachmarik ( 94 ) Maidstone, VT
18. Scott Senercal ( 1 ) Lisbon, NH
19. Jeffrey Martin ( 8 ) Barre, VT
20. Joe Giddings ( 41 ) Waterford, VT
21. Tim Corey ( 79 )
22. #Jack Hayes ( 09 ) Littleton, NH
23. Brett Jackson ( 31 ) Bethlehem, NH
24. Santana Merritt ( 07 ) Haverhill, NH
25. John Shedd ( 43 ) Campton, NH
26. Allan Young ( 24 ) Dalton, NH
27. Dave Driscoll ( 19 ) N. Woodstock, NH
28. Richard Stockwell ( 77 ) Canaan, NH
29. Josh Paton ( 97 )
DNS Craig Hurley ( 02 ) Greenville, NH