1) 78 Quinny Welch
2) 21 Oren Remick
3) 42 Mike Jurkowski
4) 83 Stacy Cahoon
5) 6 George May
6) 3 Bernie Lantagne
7) 41 Dave Boyce
8) 57 Dave Labrecque
9) 4 Jonathan Lemay
10) 20 Richie Brown
11) 62 Brian Greer
12) 06 Allison Menard

1) 4 Shane Sicard
2) 9 Matt Morrill
3) 14 Tyler Farnham
4) 66 Tim Churchill
5) 41 Stephan Hodgdon
6) 74 Justin Eldridge
7) 28 David Baron
8) 8 Richard Paradise
9) 88 Todd Colpitts
10) 71 Evan Amour
11) 33 David Allbee, jr
12) 17 Desirae Sicard
13) 37 Kaleb Rogers
14) 54 Colin Cornell
15) 94 Randy Dockham
16) 3 Anthony Tompkins
17) 23 Michael Potter
18) 64 James Capps, III
19) 18 David Baron, jr
20) 77 Andrew Wright


1) 88 Jason Wyman
2) 01 Norm Forest
3) 41 Jeff Ainsworth
4) 29 Mark Wiggett
5) 17 Tyler Jones
6) 4 Justin Marsan
7) 26 Jim Wentworth
8) 21 Jeremy Labrecque
9) 14 Mike Donahue
10) 40 Derek Marsan
11) 60 Tommy Smithers

1) 02 Scott Corey
2) 14 Michael Richards, jr
3) 31 Brett Jackson
4) 17 Scott Senecal
5) 87 Donald Judd
6) 12 John Knight
7) 37 Dustin Jackson
8) 3 Avery Young
9) 78 Troy Prentice
10) 04 Jean Monroe
11) 19 Dave Driscoll
12) 24 Allan Young

1) 27 Robby Douglas
2) 41 Matt Frey
3) 88 Nate Walton
4) 51 Tyler Thompson
5) 88x Nathaniel Parkin
6) 15 Christopher Pierce
7) 02 Zachary Deaton
Quinny Welch Takes the
Opening Day Late Model Win

The 2016 racing season kicked off with the driver and crews proudly showing off their hard work over the winter months at the car show. The judges had their hands full picking the top 3 cars in each divison. There were some beautiful machines on display for all to see. When the results were in the top 3 in each division received a trophy.

The Late Model division saw "Flooring" Oren Remick in the #21 take home the 1st place trophy, followed by 2nd place #41 Dave Boyce. The 3rd place trophy went to the #78 of Quinny Welch.

The Tiger division's top spot went to the #88 of Todd Colpitts. David Baron Sr #28 received 2nd place and the 3rd spot went to the Tim Churchill in the #66.

"Downtown" Bobby Brown in the #27 dwarf car received the 1st place trophy. 2nd place recipient "Uptown" Tommy Smithers in the #60, and 3rd place went to Jim Wentworth in the #26.

Stricly Mini divison saw Michael "Tito" Richards Jr. receive top car show honors, Scott Corey in the #02 grabbed the 2nd place finish and Troy Prentice in the #78 took home the 3rd place trophy.

Nathaniel Parkin in the 88x took home the win in the kids truck division, the #51 of Tyler Thompson got 2nd and 3rd place went to the 15 of Chris Pierce.

We quickly moved into qualifying. Great racing in all divisions. The 8 feet of new asphalt around the 1/4 mile oval surely made for some great side by side racing.

The first feature of 2016 to roll onto the speedway were the Dad's 4 by Tool and Supply Kids Truck divison. These kids range from 12-15 years old. They let their driving abilities shine as they raced side by side till the checkered flag dropped. Robby Gordon Douglas took home the win in truck #27, followed by the #41 of Matt Frey. "The Green Machine" Nate Walton in the #88 took home a podium finish in the 3rd spot.

Twisted Tea Dwarf cars were eager for their first feature of the year. 2015 champion Jason Wyman in the #88 took home the 1st place hardware for the evening. New comer Norman Forest in the #01 had a great start to his year finishing in the 2nd spot. The #41 Jeff Ainsworth rounded out the top 3.

The next feature of the evening would be the Wells River Chevy Tiger division. This division was combine with the Strictly Stock division. 20 cars started the main event. Lots of side by side racing had the fans on the edge of their seats. When the checkers flew the #4 of Shane Sicard had a good view of the flag as he came home victorious. The #9 machine of Matt Morrill had an amazing 2nd place finish as he was involved in a caution flag sending him to the rear of the field. He raced his way back through the field to finish in the 2nd position. Tyler Farnham #14 took home his first trophy of the year finishing 3rd.

The Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Mini's were set to battle for the 20 lap Main event. Scotty Corey, 2015 champion, made his way to the front and didn't look back, Michael "Tito" Richards Jr. gave corey a run for his money but ran out of laps racing home to a 2nd place finish. Brett Jackson #31 rounded out the top 3.

It was and exciting race to watch in the front of the pack for the Napa Late Model 50 lap Main event. Quinny Welch and "Flooring" Oren Remick battled door handle to door handle for several laps. They switched positions back and forth and when all was over Welch in the 78 took home the win and Remick in the #21 took 2nd. Mike Jurkowski rounded out the top 3.

Next on the schedule for May 21st, 2016 will be the Granite State Pro Stock Series. They will invade the mountain along with WMMP'S 5 regular divisons. Practice Starts at 2:00 with racing starting at 5:00 p.m. Grab a friend or two and come on out to WMMP to watch some edge of your seat racing. Hope to see you there!