Saturday, Septmeber 9th, was the second to last race of the 2017 WMMP racing season. Drivers in every division brought their A game and battled for top positions to secure their point leads. With the point lead being very tight in every division and only 2 races left, it was a night of extreme racing.

Starting first for the night was the Dads 4 By Tool and Supply Kids Truck Division. The trucks featured a two segment event tonight. The rookie division started the night off and the first of thei two 10 lap races. Seven Kids Trucks Rookies took the green. Finishing in the top three for the first segment was the #07 of Branden Taggett, the #55 of Laci Potter and the #77 of Owen Boucher. Segment two saw the #77, #55 and #07 taking the top three spots. During segment two, there was a red flag caution on lap eight. This involved the #14 of Jillian Baumgardner and the #06 of Rachel Tagget. These two young ladies both took very hard hits to the wall in turn four. Thankfully both drivers were able to walk away with uninjured, not so much for their trucks.

The Advanced Division took to the track next for their segment features. Four drivers raced for 15 laps. Segment one went to the #88x, #26, #51, and then #02. Segment two was a tough battle between the #88x of Nathaniel Parkin and the #51 of Tyler Thompson. Close on their tale was the #26 of Cassady Wentworth. Overall feature winners with the most combined points went to the #88X of Nathaniel Parkin, second to the #51 of Thompson, third to the #26 of Wentworth and fourth to the #02 of Zachary Baumgardner.

Up next was the 25 lap Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars feature with eight competitors. With only one minor caution, it was the #27 of Bobby Brown taking the checkers and gaining more points for his  Championship lead. Second place went to the third place point holder #01 Norm Forest, and third place tonight went to the #60 of tommy Smithers who currently sits in fourth place for points. With only a few points difference between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, it's anyone's Championship..

Taking the track next were eleven Wells River Chevrolet Tigers. With very little points between our top four drivers there was some great door to door racing in these 30 laps. There is only a 19 points gap between the 1st place point holder Mike Clark and the 4th place of Kaleb Rogers. It is surely a close one. The 2nd place point holder, Matt Morrill, came  in a back up car after wrecking his car last week. 3rd place Point holder, Shane Sicard #4, tightened his point battle by winning tonight. Sicard held off the #99 of Heitz and the #9 of Morrill.

Racing next was the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Mini Stocks.  Keri Sicard held only a two point lead over the #10 of Christian LaFlamme. They battled it out for the first eight laps before a second red flag was thrown for the night halting all cars. The #0 of Lisa Hodgdon took a hard hit to the wall in turn four and the #88 of Nate Walton got tangled up in the action. The #88 went for a wild ride down the front stretch on his roof. Thankfully Both Nate and Lisa were not harmed in the wreckage. After a brief delay for cleanup and car removal, racing got back underway. Taking the checkered and tightening the point battle was the #10 of Christian LaFlamme. Second went to points leader Keri Sicard #91, and third place went to the #37 of Jason Rogers.

The final feature of the night was the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. Tonight saw nineteen late models taking the green. Another very close point battle for the late models made for some tough competition. With points this close at the end of the season it's sure to be great racing. Only 24 points stand between the current track champion Quinny Welch #78 and the #83 of Stacey Cahoon. There were only two points between Cahoon and 3rd place Jesse Switser #10. Only one lap in we saw our first caution which eliminated some drivers at the front of the pack. Five cars were removed during the cleanup. After realigning the field, heat winner, Matt Anderson in the #49 took the pole to restart the race. The point leaders quickly raced their way to the front of the field and fought for top point positions. After a tough and close battle, the #78 of Quinny Welch took the checkered flag and holds his lead. 2nd place went to the #10 of Jesse Switser and 3rd went to the #2 of Stephen Donahue.

With the point leads so close and only one more race weekend to go, be sure to join us next Saturday, September 16th at 6 PM . It will to be a night full of action packed racing. See you next week at The Mountain.
Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks

Rookie Division

1. 77 Owen Boucher
2. 55 Keegan Lamson
3. 07 Branden Taggett
4. 24 Seven Fitzgerald
5. 18 Madison Heitz
6. 06 Rachel Taggett
7. 14 Jillian Baumgardner

Advanced Division

1. 88x Nathaniel Parkin
2. 51 Tyler Thompson
3. 26 Cassidy Wentworth
4. 02 Zachary Baumgardner

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 4 Shane Sicard
2. 99 Steven Heitz
3. 9 Matthew Morrill
4. 84 Elwin Sidney
5. 2 Michael Clark
6. 37 Kaleb Rogers
7. 15 Derrick Calkins
8. 32 Dustin Jackson
9. 23 Mike Potter
10. 71 Evan Amour
11. 49 Peyton Lanphear

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 10 Christian Laflamme
2. 91 Keri Sicard
3. 37 Jason Rogers Jr.
4. 31 Brett Jackson
5. 17 Scott Senecal
6. 19 Dave Driscoll
7. 12 John Knight
8. 13 Eric Chase
9. 88 Nate Walton
10. 0 Lisa Hodgdon
11. 57 Willard Hedden
DSQ 16 Adam Sicard

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars
1. 27 Robert Brown
2. 01 Norm Forest
3. 60 Tom Smithers
4. 29 Mark Wiggett
5. 02 Kevin Wyman
6. 99 Toby Merchant
7. 52 Chad Dufour
8. 09 Alfred O'Haire

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models
1. 78 Quinny Welch
2. 10 Jesse Switser
3. 2 Stephen Donahue
4. 32 Jeff Marshall
5. 83 Stacy Cahoon
6. 49 Matt Anderson
7. 74VT Jerry Lesage
8. 20 Richie Brown
9. 22 Scott Corey
10. 3 Bernie Lantagne
11. 3NH Mike Kenison
12. 88 Jeremy Welch
13. 2x Reilly Lanphear
14. 06 Allison Menard
15. 57 David Labrecque
16. 64 James Capps
17. 42 Mike Jurkowski
18. 91 Jody Sicard
19. 31MA Paul Newcomb