WMMP Championship Night! 
   Congrats 2017 WMMP Champions...

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 10 Christian Laflamme
2. 91 Keri Sicard
3. 31 Brett Jackson

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars

1. 27 Robert Brown
2. 60 Tom Smithers
3. 29 Mark Wiggett

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 9 Matthew Morrill
2. 2 Michael Clark
3. 4 Shane Sicard

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models
1. 78 Quinny Welch
2. 10 Jesse Switser
3. 83 Stacy Cahoon

Saturday 9/16 was the last race of the 2017 race season. WMMP crowned four Champions. All four Division Champions needed the checkered to secure their spot.

The first feature events of the night was the Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks. The Rookie Class took the field first for their 10 lap feature and after a wild heat race these kids settled down and had a good race. The #07 of Branden Taggett took the win over the #55 of Keegan Lamson and the #18 of Madison Heitz took 3rd.

The Advanced Class came out with only three trucks after their wild heat race where the #02 of Zac Baumgardner and the #55 of Laci Potter got together, and we saw the #02 flip multiple times after hitting the back straight wall. The three trucks put on a good show and after the checkered flag flew the 88x of Nathaniel Parkin took the win over the #51 of Tyler Thompson and the #26 of Cassidy Wentworth.

Next up was the Woodsville Guranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis. The point race was tight between Keri Sicard and Christian Laflamme and when the green flag flew there was just three points between the two. Sicard had the advantage and the Laflamme in the #10 knew what he had to do - and that was win. That's exactly what he did but not without a fight from the #31 of Brett Jackson giving him a run for his money as they raced side by side for multiple laps. Keri Sicard #91 was sitting in 3rd just waitng for one of those two to make a mistake but that didn't happen with the #10 of Christian Laflamme taking both the win and the 2017 Championship. 2nd place went to the #31 of Jackson and 3rd went to 2nd place point finisher the #91 of Keri Sicard. The #88 of Nate Walton became the 2017 WMMP Mini Stock Rookie of the Year.

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars took to the track for the second feature of the night, and these fast little cars had one of their best races of the year. Bobby Brown went into the feature with a comfortable point lead and he was able to seal the championship when he took home 2nd place for the night. The #60 of Tommy Smithers took home his 3rd win of the season and got 2nd in the points. 3rd went to Jim Wentworth in the #26 and the 2017 WMMP Rookie of the Year went to the #09 of Alfred O'Haire.

Wells River Chevrolet TigerS took the track for their final feature of the year. Matt Morrill of the #9 went into the night four points behind the #2 of Mike Clark. After the heat race the Morrill took the lead with 1 point to the good headed into the feature. When the green flag dropped, birthday boy Todd Colpitts in the #88 and the #31 of Dustin Jackson ran side by side for 15 laps. Meanwhile the point battle was heating up. The #2 of Mike Clark got by the #9 of Matt Morill and that meant the #2 was 1 point ahead. After a quick caution flag the #2 & the #9 were side by side with 10 laps remaining. The #9 got the jump and took the point lead and never let go, taking his second WMMP Tigers Championship in a row. The #88 of Todd Colpitts earned a birthday gift he will never forget by taking home the frist win of his Tiger career. 2nd went to the 2017 Tiger Champ Matt Morrill and 3rd went to the #4 of Shane Sicard. Dustin Jackson in the #31 was awarded the 2017 WMMP Tiger Rookie of the Year after moving up from our four cylinder class.

The final feature of the night was the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. Going into the night the point battle was between the #78 of Quinny Welch and the #10 of Jesse Switser. The #78 had an 18 point lead at the start of the night. After the heat race and semi feature the #10 of Switser had it down to 15 to start the final feature. When the green flag dropped for their 50 lap main event it was the #32 of Jeff Marshall that lead the majority of the laps until the 2nd place point man, the #10 of Switser, was able to wheel him in and take the lead after some hard side by side racing. The #10 did what he had to do to try to win the championship by scoring the win, but the #78 was able to get up to 2nd place and take home his 6th WMMP Championship. 3rd place went to 2017 WMMP Rookie of the Year, hot shoe Stephen Donahue #2.

The final event of the 2017 season will take place this Saturday night 9/23 with the PASS 150 starting at 6 PM. This will be the end of the 24th season at WMMP.

9/16/17 FINISHES

Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks

Rookie Division
1. 7 Branden Taggett
2. 55 Keegan Lamson
3. 18 Madison Heitz
4. 24 Seven Fitzgerald
5. 14 Jillian Baumgardner

Advanced Division
1. 88x Nathaniel Parkin
2. 51 Tyler Thompson
3. 26 Cassidy Wentworth

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 10 Christian Laflamme
2. 31 Brett Jackson
3. 91 Keri Sicard
4. 88 Nate Walton
5. 16 Adam Sicard
6. 0 Jason Rogers
7. 00 Brandon Gray
8. 17 Scott Senecal
9. 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
10. 41vt Rusty Drew
11. 25 Charles Kimball
12. 19 Dave Driscoll

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars

1. 60 Tom Smithers
2. 27 Robert Brown
3. 26 Jim Wentworth
4. 29 Mark Wiggett
5. 88 Jason Wyman
6. 00 Cody Wyman
7. 01 Norman Forest
8. 09 Alfred O'Haire
9. 02 Kevin Wyman
10. 52 Chad Dufour
11. 99 Toby Merchant
12. 66 Tim Churchill

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 88 Todd Colpitts
2. 9 Matthew Morrill
3. 4 Shane Sicard
4. 84 Justin Eldridge
5. 23 Mike Potter
6. 2 Michael Clark
7. 82 Colby Bourgeois
8. 37 Kaleb Rogers
9. 49 Peyton Lanphear
10. 31 Dustin Jackson
11. 71 Evan Amour
12. 99 Steven Heitz

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models

1. 10 Jesse Switser
2. 78 Quinny Welch
3. 2 Stephen Donahue
4. 32 Jeff Marshall
5. 55 Russell Clark
6. 31vt Chris Roberts
7. 11 Claude Leclerc
8. 3 Bernie Lantagne
9. 22 Scott Corey
10. 49 Matt Anderson
11. 83 Stacy Cahoon
12. 88 Jeremy Welch
13. 20 Richie Brown
14. 06 Allison Menard
15. 57 David Labrecque
16. 2x Reilly Lanphear