Rookie Stephen Donahue Claims
Big First Win in Foley Oil 150
Over 80 race teams made thier way to WMMP on Saturday night. What an amazing turnout! The weather could not have been better with the sun out all day and hardly a cloud in the sky. The night started off with the annual Kids Pit Tour so the kids could meet and greet all the drivers and thier crews. There, they were met with smiles, candy and merchandise from the crews, many of them even raffled off prizes for the kids. The grandstands were packed with eager race fans ready to take in the sights, smells, and sounds of racing.

acing began at 6:00 p.m. sharp with Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks. The Rookie Division took center stage first and seven drivers took the green with the #77 of Owen Boucher taking the checkers. Second place went to Zac Baumgardner who held off Jillian Baumgardner the #14 who took the third place. Jillian landed in the winners circle for the thrid week in a row. It's great watching these drivers improve each week and gain the confidence it takes to race. The Advanced Division took the field next and showed why they are advanced competitors. This week  the #51 of Tyler Thompson came out on top. Second place was taken by the #15 of Christopher Pierce and 3rd was the #26 of Cassidy Wentworth.

Next up was two Consis for the Late Models for thirteen cars. In consi one, the #32 of Jeff Marshall took the number one spot. Second place was held by the #1 of Cory Mason with third place Jeremy Welch in the #88. In Consi number two first place was earned by the #78 of Quinny Welch, second place went to the #41QC of Jonathan Bouvrette, and third place went to the #4 of Jonathan Lemay.

Thirteen Woodville Guarantee Savings Bank Mini Stocks fought their way for top positions. After a caution free 20 lap race it was the #10 of Christian Laflamme who came out the victor. Lisa Hodgdon in the #0 held her ground and took the second place spot. Third place was the #17 of Scott Senecal.

Next in line to put on a show were the Wells River Chevrolet Tigers. After a few cautions and restarts, thirteen drivers battled for the top three positions. Taking the win this week was Shane Sicard in the #4. Kaleb Rogers in the #37 throttled in for second place and luckily, baby Clark waited to make his debut'. Third place went to Mike Clark in the #2.

After having last week off The Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars were ready to get out there and race. Twelve dwarf cars took to the pavement for a 25 lap feature. The #88 of Jason Wyman came out the frontrunner and took the first place spot. On his tail was the #27 of Downtown Bobby Brown taking the second place finish and the third place spot went to the #60 of Tommy Smithers.

The Foley Oil & Propane Late Models took to center stage. This 150 lap event attracted cars from different areas in New England and even Canada! There were twenty-five Late models competing for the $2000 dollar first place award, along with a $10 bonus to the driver who led each lap creating an additional $1500 up for grabs. These talented drivers put on a spectacular show for the race fans and really showed the fans some "edge of your seat" entertainment.

After several lead changes and a few restarts from cautions it was the #2 and the #83 leading the majority of the 150 laps. The grand prize of over $2000 was captured by the #2 of Stephen Donahue. Stacy Cahoon was not far behind in the #83 and took the second place victory. Quinny Welch in the #78 wasn't going to stay out the winners circle and he took the third place.

Following the last race of the night was the spectacular fireworks show put on by R & R fireworks located in Bethlehem, NH. It was definately a night to remember!

WMMP would like to thank all the drivers, fans and crews for making this a night to remember, you are all amazing!

Make sure to check in with us for the next event, the Tigers Special. Racing will begin at 6:00 pm.
Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks

Rookie Division
1. 77 Qwen Boucher
2. 02 Zachary Baumgardner
3. 14 Jillian Baumgardner
4. 07 branden Taggett
5. 18 Madison Heitz
6. 06 Rachel Taggett

Advanced Division

1. 51 Tyler Thompson
2. 15 Christopher Pierce
3. 26 Cassidy Wentworth
4. Nathaniel Parkins
5. 55X Laci Potter

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis

1. 10 Christian Laflamme
2. 0 Lisa Hodgdon
3. 17 Scott Senecal
4. 88 Nate Walton
5. 4 Dylan Laleme
6. 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
7. 16 Adam Sicard
8. 91 Keri Sicard
9. 31 Brett Jackson
10. 2 Daniel Gooden
11. 19 Dave Driscoll
12. 39 Gregory Brackett
13. 57 Willard Aedden

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars

1. 88 Jason Wyman
2. 27 Robert Brown
3. 60 Tom Smithers
4. 01 Norm Forest
5. 8 Andy Hill
6. 41 Jeff Ainsworth
7. 00 Cody Wyman
8. 29 Mark Wiggett
9. 02 Kevin Wyman
10. 26 Jim Wentworth
11. 21 Jeremy Labrecque
12. 09 Alfred O'Haire

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers

1. 4 Shane Sicard
2. 37 Kaleb Rogers
3. 2 Michael Clark
4. 88 Todd Colpitts
5. 99 Steven Heitz
6. 9 Matthew Morrill
7. 84 Elwin Sidney
8. 54 Colin Cornell
9. 20 Amanda Wheeler
10. 74 Justin Eldridge
11. 31 Dustin Jackson
12. 96 Chip Lacquire
13. 14 Tyler Farnham

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models

1. 2 Stephen Donahue
2. 83 Stacy Cahoon
3. 78 Quinny Welch
4. 10 Jesse Switser
5. 99 Cody Blake
6. 31 Mike Kenison
7. 28 Ricky Bly
8. 4 Jonathan Lemay
9. 22 Scott Corey
10. 41QC Jonathan Bouvrette
11. 32 Jeff Marshall
12. 06 Allison Menard
13. 88 Jeremy Welch
14. 49 Matt Anderson
15. 74 Doug Laleme
16. 20 Richie Brown
17. 9QC Mathieu Kingsbury
18. 57 Dave Labrecque
19. 11QC Claude Leclerc
20. 30 Rich Dubeau
21. 10NH Bryan Mason
22. 64 James Capps
23. 1 Corey Mason
24. 02 Randy Potter
25. 3 Jeremy Davis