Marshall, Sicard, Brown, Walton,
Thompson, and Baumgardner
Take the Checkers @ White Mountain
Near 70 cars in the pit area at White Mountain Motorsports Park took the green flag on a beautiful hot summer saturday night. Racing started @ 6 PM with our qualifying races. Mother nature came into play when the Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars were 7 laps into their 10 lap qualifier. After a couple of showers they finished their qualifying race under yellow. Rain slowed us down for probally 15 mins. Then all other qualifying races went off well.

The first feature of the night was for the Dads 4 By Tool and Supply Kids Trucks. The rookie class saw one hard crash involving the 3 of Danny Abbott and the 07 of Branden Taggett on the front stretch. After the accident was cleaned up the 14 of Jillian Baumgardner took her first checkered flag of her racing career. 2nd went to 18 of Madison Heitz and 3rd was 06 of Rachel Taggett.

Next up was the the advanced group. Five trucks took the track and half way thru the 02 of Zac Baumgardner spun and the 26 of Cassidy Wentworth got collected. After the short caution we went the rest of the race caution free. The 51 of Tyler Thompson won by maybe 6 inches over the 88x of Nathaniel Parkins. Coming home 3rd was the 15 of Christopher Peirce.

The small but fast Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars were the next feature, and what a race they put on. Ten cars took the green for their 20 lap feature event. After their best race of the year that went green to checkers, local man Booby Brown took the flag over a hard charging Jason Wyman. Third place went to Dave Gyger. After a hard couple of weeks these guys put on the best show of the nite.

Twelve Woodsville Gauranty Savings Bank Mini Stocks took the track. Daniel Gooden in the 2 and the 16 of Adam Sicard took the field to the green for their 20 lap main event . The 16 of Sicard led the race till the 13th lap when the caution flew. On the restart it was the 16 of Sicard and 88 of Nate Walton side by side. The 88 took the lead and never let go, taking the checker flag for second time in his rookie year. He was followed by teamate Keri Sicard in the 91 and the 10 of Christian Laflamme in third.

For the Wells River Chevys Tigers feature sixteen cars took the track and put on an awesome show. The 23 of Mike Potter and the 88 of Todd Colpitts swapped the lead back and forth for most of the 30 lap main event. With a late caution invovling the 88 and the 14 of Tyler Farmham, the feild was reset. The 4 of Shane Sicard took the checkered from dead last on the field. Second went to the 84 of Elwin Sidney, and third was the 74 of Justin Eldridge.

The Foley Oil and Propane Late Models main event with 16 cars saw door to door action from the front of the field to the back for 50 laps. The 42 of Mike Jurkowski led the first half. Then came a hard charging Jeff Marshall from the 13th starting spot to take lead. The 2 of rookie Stephan Donahue followed in his tire tracks. Marshall and Donahue swapped the lead back and forth. When the dust settled  the 32 of Jeff Marshll took the checkered by lest than a car length for his second win of the year. Second went to Stephan Donahue in the 2 and third was hot shoe Jesse Switser in the 10.

Next week July 22nd will be the Granite State Pro Stocks 100 lapper. We will also have the Mini Cup cars plus our WMMP Late Models, Tigers, Minis and Kids Trucks. Racing starts at 6:00 PM sharp.
Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Trucks

Rookie Division
1. 14 Jillian Baumgardner
2. 18 Madison Heitz
3. 06 Rachel Taggett
4. 24 seven Fitzgerald
5. 07 Branden taggett
6. 3 Dan Abbott

Advanced Division 
1. 51 Tyler Thompson
2. 88x Nathaniel Parkins
3. 15 Christopher Pierce 
4. 26 Cassidy Wentworth
5. 02 Zachary Baumgardner

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis
1. 88 Nate Walton
2. 91 Keri Sicard
3. 10 Christian Laflamme
4. 16 Adam Sicard 
5. 0 Lisa Hodgdon
6. 37 Jason Sogers
7. 31 Brett Jackson 
8. 17 Scott Senecal
9. 2 Daniel Gooden
10. 19 Dave Driscoll
11. 12 john Knight 
12. 87 Don M. Judd Jr.

Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars
1. 27 Robert Brown
2. 88 Jason Wyman
3. 93 Dave Gyger
4. 60 Tom Smithers
5. 01 Norm Forest
6. 29 Mark Wiggett
7. 41 Jeff Ainsworth
8. 02 Kevin Wyman
9. 26 Jim Wentworth
10. 09 Alfred O'Haire

Wells River Chevrolet Tigers
1. 4 Shane Sicard
2. 84 Elwin Sidney
3. 74 Justin Eldridge
4. 54 Colin Cornell
5. 2 Michael Clark
6. 37 Kaleb Rogers
7. 9 Matthew Morrill
8. 99 Steven Heitz
9. 23 Michael Potter
10. 71 Evan Amour 
11. 14 Tyler Farnham
12. 88 Todd Colpitts
13. 31 Dustin Jackson
14. 96 Chip Laquire
15. 20 Amanda Wheeler
16. 01 Brian D. Gosselin

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models
1. 32 Jeff Marshall
2. 2 Stephen Donahue
3. 10 Jesse Switser
4. 4 Jonathan Lemay
5. 83 Stacy Cahoon
6. 28 Ricky Bly
7. 49 Matt Anderson
8. 42 Mike Jurkowski
9. 20 Richie Brown 
10. 47 Bryan Laquire
11. 78 Quinny Welch
12. 3 Bernie Lantagne 
13. 64 James Capps
14. 06 Allison Menard
15. 22 Scott Corey
16. 57 Dave Labrecque