It was a full night of excitment at White Mountain Motorsports Park ON Saturday night 5/20.. All 5 divisions saw action. The pits were full as well as a crowded grandstand. The weather changed quickly but the race cars kept things heated on the track.

Racing started at 6 PM with the Kids Trucks division. This week the trucks were divided into 2 heats and 2 features. With a influx of new drivers we decided to give the rookies a better learning experience and put them in their own heat and feature race. This allows them to get the feel of the track and their vehicle without having the more experienced drivers flying by them.

The first feature of the night was our Dads 4 By Tools and Supply Kids Trucks. 1st up was the rookies with 10 laps of action. Taking the checkers was the 26 of Cassidy Wentworth, 2nd went to the 07 Branden Taggett, 3rd the 06 of Rachael Taggett and finishing 4th was the 77 of Owen Boucher. Race #2 was by our experienced truck drivers. The battle for 1st place between Tyler Thompson and Nathaniel Parkins was a side by side battle throughout the 15 laps. The 51 of Tyler Thompson led 9 of the 15 laps while Nathaniel battled side side to try and take the lead but it was the 51 of Thompson crossing the line for the Checkers. 2nd to Nathaniel Parkins, 3rd place the 15 of Christopher Pierce and finishing 4th was the 02 Zac Baumgardner.

Feature 2 of the night was our Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Mini Stocks. 13 cars took the green flag and provided plenty of side by side action. After getting into a tangle with another car, the 0 of Lisa Hodgon fought her way from the back of the field to put her Shippee Eye sponsored vehicle into 1st place. Lisa would go on to take the checkers followed by the 12 of John Knight and the 91 of Keri Sicard.

The Wells River Chevrolet Tiger Division was next to entertain the crowd. These drivers always put on a great race. 12 Tigers took the green flag with the 37 of Kaleb Rogers on the pole. Kaleb battled for first for the first 9 laps before being involved in an unfortunate mishap. This put the 88 of Todd Colpitts in a new battle against the 54 of Colin Cornell. Coming from the middle of the field was the 2 of Mike Clark. Clark took the lead from the 54 on lap 18 and held on for the win. 2nd went to the 94 of Randy Dockham and 3rd to the 9 of Mike Morrill.

Next up on the track was our Twisted Tea Dwarf Cars . Tonight saw 13 of these tiny but fierce racers battling for position. The 60 of Tommy Smithers started on pole and led all 25 laps of the feature. With a single cuation on lap 24, 2nd went to the 27 of Bobby Brown and 3rd to the 01 of Norm Forest.

The last race of the night was our Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. 17 fierce competitiors took the green flag with the 74vt of Jerry Lesage on the pole. Lesage led several laps while holding off the 74 of Doug Laleme. After a tough start from 11th position, the 78 of Quinny Welch found his way through the field to the front of the pack. Quinny would go on to lead the last 20 laps and take the checkers. 2nd place went to the 10 of Jesse Switser, and 3rd was the 32 of Jeff Marshall.

Be sure to join us next Saturday for an exciting Memorial Day wekeend of Action Packed Racing. On Saturday May 27th all divisions will be racing . Green flag waves at 6 PM. See you at the Mountain.


Rookie Division
1) 26 Cassidy Wentworth
2) 07 branden taggett
3) 06 Rachel taggett
4) 77 Owen Boucher

Advanced Kids Trucks Division
1) 51 Tyler Thompson
2) 88 Nathaniel Parkins
3) 15 Christopher Pierce
4) 02 Zachary Baumgardner

1) 0 Lisa Hodgdon
2) 12 John knight
3) 91 Keri Sicard
4) 10 Christian Laflamme
5) 87 Don M. Judd Jr.
6) 31 Bret Jackson
7) 88 Nate Walton
8) 4 Dylan laleme
9) 19 Dave Driscoll
10) 2 Daniel Gooden
11) 16 Adam Sicard
12) 17 Scott Senecal
13) 33 Richie Veilleux

1) 60 Tom Smithers
2) 27 Robert Brown
3) 01 Norm Forest
4) 7 Dave Helliwell
5) 00 Cody Wyman
6) 88 Jason Wyman
7) 26 Jim Wentworth
8) 29 Mark Wiggett
9) 8 Tyson Payne
10) 02 Kevin Wyman
11) 41 Jeff Ainsworth
12) 09 Alfred O'Haire
13) 36 Howie Switser

1) 2 Michael Clark
2) 94 Randy Dockham
3) 9 Matthew Morrill
4) 54 Colin Cornell
5) 4 Shane Sicard
6) 66 Timmy Churchill
7) 99 Steven Heitz
8) 37 Kaleb Rogers
9) 14 Tyler Farnham
10) 31 Justin Jackson
11) 88 Todd Colpitts
12) 74 Justin Eldridge

1) 78 Quinny Welch
2) 10 Jesse Switser
3) 32 Jeff Marshall
4) 20 Richie Brown
5) 4 Jonathan Lemay
6) 31 Mike Kenison
7) 83 Stacy Cahoon
8) 2 Stephen Donahue
9) 74VT Jerry Lesage
10) 9 Robert Hagar
11) 74 Doug Laleme
12) 49 Matt Anderson
13) 3 Bernie lantagne
14) 64 James Capps
15) 57 Dave Labrecque
16) 47 Bryan La Quire
17) 22 Scott Corey

Thank you everyone for a another exciting night of racing!